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News video games 19 October 2022, 13:25

author: Adrian Werner

Actress May Have Deceived Millions of Gamers, Schreier Claims

It turns out that the matter of the voice actress' resignation from her appearance in Bayonetta 3 is not as simple as it seemed. Taylor may have told mistruth in reporting how much she was offered for the job.

Over the weekend, industry media (including us) broke the news of the scandal over the change of the voice actress in the English version of Bayonetta 3. Hellena Taylor, known from the previous two parts, was replaced by Jennifer Hale. The reason for the former's resignation was said to have been the "insultingly low" salary. However, it turns out that the situation is not so simple as it was presented, and there are many indications that Taylor may have diverged from the truth.

  1. The new information was revealed by Jason Schreier from Bloomberg. He has a very good reputation, so we give credence to his reports. In fact, they were also confirmed by Andy Robinson from VGC using his own sources.
  2. Hellena Taylor claimed (in videos that have been viewed nearly 10 million times) that she was offered $4,000 for the entire role. In reality, the offer included 4-5 or more four-hour recording sessions, and for each session the actress would have received $3-4 thousand.
  3. In total, the actress was expected to earn at least $15 thousand. This sum, by the way, is also confirmed by a third source in the form of journalist Stephen Totilo,
  4. What's more, according to journalists' sources, this amount is much higher than the salary Taylor received for her performance in the second installment.
  5. The actress was also said to have demanded a share of the profits. In addition, according to Bloomberg agency, she demanded a six-figure salary, but VGC was unable to obtain confirmation of this.
  6. Taylor herself denies these reports, insisting that the offer totaled $4,000.

With such conflicting reports, it is difficult to judge definitively who is right, but in this case it seems more likely that the actress has diverged from the truth. Indeed, several journalists have obtained information contradicting her words from various sources. On top of that Schreier had the opportunity to review documentation that confirms the details of the offer.

The situation does not look good for Hellena Taylor. 15 thousand dollars is still a small amount for a leading role in a high-budget game, so there was no need to bend the truth to arouse the sympathy of the players. On top of that, the actress' statements brought a wave of hate against Jennifer Hale, who replaced her in the lead role.

Finally, let's recall that Bayonetta 3 is heading only for the Nintendo Switch console. The game will be released on October 28, this year.

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Adrian Werner

Adrian Werner

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