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News video games 25 April 2017, 10:14

author: luckie

Be the Master Chef with Cooking Simulator

Is this the game that cooking enthusiasts have been waiting for? Cooking Simulator has everything you need: well-equipped modern kitchen and dozens of ingredients you can experiment with.

As the world has gone crazy about cooking TV shows, the universe has been missing a proper cooking video game. This may change soon, thanks to Cooking Simulator made in Poland. In works by two indie developers, Cooking Simulator has everything a master chef needs: a beautiful, realistic kitchen, well equipped with ovens, frying pans, pots, plates etc., as well as dozens of ingredients, such as vegetables and fruit, fish, steaks, poultry and more. With this you can prepare one of 30 real-life meals, or just experiment with your own ideas.

Alternatively, you can go berserk (e.g. when the meal fails to meet clients’ expectations) and demolish the place using advanced physics simulation. Feel free to blow off some steam by throwing stools, smashing plates and windows, or burning cardboard boxes. However, the same physics also adds to the cooking experience. You can cut vegetables, use a blender to make soup, fry some meat and watch it change with temperature. Ultimately, by satisfying your clients’ wishes you will get the renown of an excellent cook.

Cooking Simulator is currently seeking its way to Steam via Greenlight program – if you want to see the game happen, go vote for it here.

Be the Master Chef with Cooking Simulator - picture #1
Cooking Simulator has all you need in a kitchen.
Be the Master Chef with Cooking Simulator - picture #2
You can use the game’s advanced physics to prepare unique meals…
Be the Master Chef with Cooking Simulator - picture #3
…or just turn your kitchen upside down.

Last update: 2017-04-25

Cooking Simulator

Cooking Simulator

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