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News guides 24 May 2024, 11:16

author: Olga Fiszer

Best Team Comp in Wuthering Waves (WuWa)

Choosing the Best Team Comp can pose a challenge. Don't worry, our Wuthering Waves guide will help you unleash the perfect synergy!

Source: Wuthering Waves; developer: Kuro Games

In Wuthering Waves, your team can include up to three characters. Each Resonator has unique strengths and weaknesses, thus building the perfect party to conquer Solaris-3 requires strategy. Read on to learn how to choose between best companions to forge your dream team.

Wuthering Waves: Best Team Comp Guide

Your initial character in Wuthering Waves is Rover, but along the way you will meet a lot of other Resonators that will join you. Use our WuWa Tier List to discover which party members can best complement your playstyle.

You can set up to 5 teams, each with 3 heroes with different roles: Main DPS, Sub-DPS and Support. Here are the best team compositions for all 5-star characters.

Best Lingyang Team Comp

  1. Main DPS: Lingyang
  2. Sub-DPS: Yanyang
  3. Support: Verina

Lingyang delivers his strongest attacks in the Striding Lion state. To maximize his potential, include Yangyang on your team. Her support helps Lingyang trigger his Resonance Liberation more often, keeping him in the Striding Lion state longer. This pairing ensures Lingyang dominates the battlefield with constant powerful attacks.

Best Jianxin Team Comp

  1. Main DPS: Jianxin
  2. Sub-DPS: Aalto
  3. Support: Yangyang

Given Jianxin's inherent tankiness, you can enhance her combat effectiveness by surrounding her with characters that provide buffs. Yangyang can supply additional Energy to Jianxin while Aalto can boost his Aero DMG with the use of Outro Skill.

Best Calcharo Team Comp

  1. Main DPS: Calcharo
  2. Sub-DPS: Sanhua
  3. Support: Baizhi

To maximize Calcharo’s damage output, build a team around amplifying his Basic Attacks. Sanhua is a perfect for this strategy. Her Outro Skill specifically strengthens Calcharo’s attacks damage, which synergizes with his ability to boost it through Resonance Liberation. This combo allows Calcharo to unleash a devastating flurry of blows.

Best Danjin Team Comp

  1. Main DPS: Danjin
  2. Sub-DPS: Jianxin
  3. Support: Baizhi

Danjin thrives as an aggressive Attacker, pushing her limits to generate immense firepower. However, this relentless assault comes at a cost – her own HP. To ensure Danjin's survival and maximize her damage potential, pair her with a strong Support Resonator who can provide essential Shields and Healing. This allows Danjin to stay in the fight longer, unleashing her devastating attacks without fear of being easily defeated.

Best Encore Team Comp

  1. Main DPS: Encore
  2. Sub-DPS: Yangyang
  3. Support: Verina

With Encore as the main DPS, Yangyang should be your Sub-DPS. Her Outro Skill can channel Energy to Encore, enabling more frequent use of her Resonance Liberation.

Best Jiyan Team Comp

  1. Main DPS: Jiyan
  2. Sub-DPS: Mortefi
  3. Support: Verina

For a power-focused team, choose Jiyan as your Main DPS. His Heavy Attacks are devastating, and pairing him with Mortefi, who boosts Heavy Attack DMG, significantly amplifies Jiyan's destructive potential. This duo enables your team to unleash relentless, powerful blows, decimating any foe in their path.

Olga Fiszer

Olga Fiszer

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