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News video games 27 August 2021, 21:40

author: GRG

Bethesda Reveals Three New Locations From Starfield

Bethesda has released three short videos showing various locations from Starfield and describing its inhabitants.

Starfield is one of the world's most anticipated titles, and also one of the most mysterious ones. We still don't know much about the game, and players' imagination is still fired by the E3 2021 trailer, made entirely on the new Creation Engine 2. Starfield is supposed to be the first game powered by the technology. On the newest video (uploaded below) we can see three different locations with concept arts and a short commentary.

The first place is the spaceport in New Atlantis, the capital of the United Colonies faction. This is the most politically and militarily powerful faction in the game, and the members are a mix of different races and cultures.

The second location is Neon, a city built on a giant fishing platform located on a planet covered with sea. The corporation responsible for fishing has discovered a species of fish from which it produces a drug called Aurora. It is legal only in Neon and the economy of the entire city is based on it. It is a haven full of entertainment, frequented by travelers looking for excitement.

The final video presents the city of Akila, Free Star Collective capital, a confederation of three-star systems for whom freedom and individualism are sacred. Akila is surrounded by a wall separating inhabitants from the wild world dominated by wild ashta beasts, which resemble a hybrid of a wolf and a velociraptor.

We still don't know how the gameplay in Starfield will look like, but after these short presentations, we can expect a world full of interesting content. The game will be released on 11.11.2022 on PC and Xbox Series X/S.



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