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News video games 29 August 2019, 00:00

author: Michael Kulakowski

Boreal Blade - New Game From Trine Devs

Frozenbyte Studio, known thanks to Trine series, announced Boreal Blade, a multiplayer action game. In the game, we play as Nordic warriors fighting to the death. The title launched today on Nintendo Switch, and will soon be released on PC.

To the surprise of the players, it turned out that the Finnish studio Frozenbyte, known for its Trine platform game series, had been working for a long time in secret on a new project called Boreal Blade. This is a third-person action game, aimed at multiplayer team battles, in which we play as Nordic warriors wielding many types of weapons, fighting each other on large arenas. The title launched today on Nintendo Switch. The devs also released a playable demo. In the near future, developers are also planning to release the game on PC. You can now sign up for the closed beta of Boreal Blade on Steam using the game'sofficial Discord server. It is worth noting that both versions of the game are to be compatible with each other, which will allow the owners of both platforms to have fun together.

The action of Boreal Blade is set in the fictional land of Norvalg, which is inspired by the Viking culture and Scandinavian legends. The players participate in traditional battles, which are an element of "debates" between many competing Norvaligian clans. The winners not only bring honor to their families and tribes but also get to decide the key issues for the future of the entire land.

Boreal Blade is presented from the perspective of a third person. The combat system enables us to control the movements of the character, as well as the position of the weapon in their hands separately, which in turn affects the type of attack or block. Frozenbyte points out that the solution offers hundreds of unique combinations of attacks. Battle participants can then choose the one that best suits their style of play.

The players can choose from four combat styles. Each of them has its own strengths and weaknesses, influencing the tactics we use during battles. The title also offers a rich and diverse arsenal (including swords, clubs, spears), as well as shields, armor elements, and useful items. The devs also praise the character editor that enables us to create our dream warrior. Boreal Blade has a total of four variants of multiplayer mode. A maximum of eight players participate in the matches.

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Boreal Blade

Boreal Blade

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