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News video games 03 October 2022, 15:15

author: Adam Adamczyk

Brotato Character Tier List

Brotato offers many different characters. In this guide you will learn which ones are the best.

Brotato is an inconspicuous game that combines roguelike mechanics with arena combat, where you have to face incoming waves of opponents. There are quite a few character classes available in the game, and each is played slightly differently. In this guide you will get to know their ranking..

Lists are subjective

In some games that offer multiple character classes, devs predetermine which of them will be the best. In the case of Brotato is somewhat different, however, because it will depend largely on how one likes to run the gameplay whether a particular class will be the most effective.

However, there are some characters that very often repeat in the rankings' top places. These include: Loud, which has as much as 30% more base damage, as well as Well Rounded, who has 5 to traits such as harvesting and speed, as well as +5 to HP.

Tier list

Brotato Character Tier List - picture #1
  1. S Tier: Loud, Well Rounded, Crazy
  2. A Tier: Chunky, One Armed, Speedy
  3. B Tier: Masochist, Ranger
  4. C Tier: Warrior, Dumb, Savage, Mutant
  5. D Tier: Mage, Pacifist, Brawler

Selected characters

At the end of the list was Brawler , though not because of its stats, which are not the worst, but because it it is a build focused on melee combat without the use of weapons, and without them the game can be really difficult in the later stages.

On many lists also Warrior, who also fights in close combat, often lands at the end, but we decided to put him in C tier due to the fact that his attack speed increases with each unique weapon he has, so with a little luck he can be a very effective character.

As for the best classes, players are very keen on choosing the aforementioned Loud and Well Rounded. One of the best characters is also Crazy, which offers as much as +150 to range when fighting with blades (blade weapons) and +50 to attack speed. His disadvantage is that this character is not suitable for dodging, but the combination of high range, attack speed and the ability to take punishment make him one of the most effective characters.



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