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Gray Zone Warfare (GZW) - Left Behind or Last Farewell Guide

If you have problems in GZW with locating the body in Left Behind or Last Farewell missions, we're here to help.

Source: Gray Zone Warfare, Developer: Madfinger Games

Rush is not the best advisor. The developers from Madfinger Games have experienced it first hand as initial launch of Gray Zone Warfare in Early Access was not very successful. Many fans have problems with networking, anticheat or experience crashes and performance issues. Due to that, squeezing every single FPS possible is essential. Despite all those bumps, players seem to enjoy the production, playing to their heart’s content (via SteamDB) with their friends or against them in multiplayer. Despite improving reviews, the game definitely requires more polish. Among many missions that are available, some of them are nearly identical, offering variants on how to complete them. Let’s take a deeper look at two of them – Left Behind and Last Farewell.

Left Behind and Last Farewell in GZW explained

What seemed to be a move to gather as much of Escape from Tarkov’s fleeting community, it backfired slightly for GZW, as the game could use more time in development before even reaching EA on Steam. While the creators are working on fixing the title (pushing back plans of controller support and console port), fans are continuing their operations on Lamang, like Helping Hand or Native Negotiations. There are two missions that require you to locate a specific body – Left Behind and Last Farewell. Let’s see where to find it.

One of the tasks is given by Gunny, while the other is assigned by Handshake. It’s exactly the same request of locating a body but it differs by the reward and to whom you’ll return it. There is one caveat though - depending on your faction the coordinates may vary, yet the layout of all starting areas are the same. They seem to be only rotated versions of each other. Having that out of the way, you can find the body in a farm, down the road from the Gas Station:

You can use the map above as a reference to find your own location if you have chosen a different group. Additionally, the choice of faction is important. If you have selected a different one than your friends, you won’t be able to play with them, unless you change it… which can be problematic. Let’s keep our fingers crossed for the authors of Gray Zone Warfare and regularly share our feedback on their official Discord server. Good luck soldier!

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