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How to Complete Tools of the Trade in Gray Zone Warfare (GZW)

Have you started the Tools of the Trade quest in Gray Zone Warfare and don't know where to find Artisan's Toolbox? You will find this out in our guide.

Source: Gray Zone Warfare, developer: Madfinger Games

Gray Zone Warfare is a multiplayer first-person shooter game, focused on realism. Weapon ballistics and the approach to wounds play a key role in this production. The game's action is set in the fictional country of Lamang, where you will find other players and NPCs. Some of them, such as Artisan, will give you tasks to complete, for which you will receive rewards. In this guide, we will discuss how to complete the Tools of the Trade quest and where to find Artisan's Tools.

Gray Zone Warfare (GZW) – How to Complete Tools of the Trade Quest?

In Gray Zone Warfare, Tools of the Trade is a quest that requires you to retrieve a toolbox for a vendor named Artisan. The mission is quite simple in its premise, however, some players may have trouble finding the exact location of the tools, so here is where you need to go to complete the task:

  1. The location may be different depending on the position of your initial base. It can be in one of three cities: Nam Thaven, Pha Lang or Kiu Vongsa.
  2. After accepting the quest, go to the Construction Site.
  3. You will notice a small house nearby. Go inside and look for Artisan's Toolbox in the second room, which will be lying on a table near the back exit of the building.
  4. After picking up the tools, head back to Artisan to complete the quest.

Tools of the Trade is not the only quest in Gray Zone Warfare that involves finding a certain item. Helping Hand is one of the more difficult missions that requires you to get key documents for Handshake. Be sure to visit our site regularly and check out information on other tasks, too.

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