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News video games 28 March 2023, 13:52

author: Adrian Werner

CoH 3 Expecting Big Update Today That Many Will Not Like

Update 1.1.0 for Company of Heroes 3 will debut in a few hours, adding variety to multiplayer gameplay and introducing a microtransaction store.

In a few hours Company of Heroes 3, the war RTS from Relic Entertainment, will receive its first major update. It is titled Operation Sapphire Jackal and carries the number 1.1.0. The patch will bring a lot of new features.

  1. The patch will introduce Challenges to the game - available both in PvP and cooperative mode. As part of them, we will complete daily and weekly tasks, which will unlock new cosmetic items.
  2. The update will also add a store with these items to the game. Some of them will be unlocked through gameplay, while others will have to be paid for with so-called war bonds, bought with real money.
  3. The patch will also fix a ton of bugs and implement interface improvements.
  4. update 1.1.0 will also improve the gameplay balance, although the developers warn that these are quite modest changes and serious modifications to this element of the game will be implemented only in the future.

Reception of the announcement as expected

Reactions to the announcement of the update are quite negative. Many players do not like the addition of an in-game store, especially since we will have to spend real money on some items. Below we quote some of the comments made by the users of Steam.

"Glad I still have Company of Heroes 2 installed."

"Reviews were mixed, and many fans skipped the release. However, for the devs, the solution to these problems is microtransactions. I'm glad I haven't bought the game yet. See you at a big sale, if ever."

"I wish I had returned the game while I still had the chance. I thought it would be better. It isn't - the situation is only getting worse. Sad."

"They went the way of Darktide, releasing cosmetic items before fixing basic functions."

Some consolation is the developers' promise that all new skins and other cosmetic objects will be modeled on real designs, so at least we don't have to worry about colorful cross-dressers running around the battlefields of World War II.

It's a shame, because the reception of the game was slowly improving

The addition of microtransactions will most likely affect the game's reception, which is all the more sad because it was slowly improving recently. Shortly after release only 57% of player reviews on Steam were positive, and now their share has risen to 61%.

Company of Heroes 3 has clearly failed to meet the expectations. This is evident not only from the reviews, but also from the stays - yesterday the activity record on Steam was 6915 people, while shortly after the launch the game recorded daily numbers exceeding 30 thousand players at the same time.

Many fans of the series decided to stick with the second part of the series, which is currently achieving only slightly smaller results than CoH3.

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  2. Company of Heroes 3 on Steam

Adrian Werner

Adrian Werner

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