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StarCraft 2 Earned Less Than WoW's Shiny Pony; Blizzard Thrives on Microtransactions

Hubert Sledziewski, 13 November 2023, 03:52

The developer of StarCraft 2: Wings of Liberty says in the first two years after its release the game earned less for Blizzard than a certain mount for World of Warcraft. 'This is why companies rely on microtransactions,' he says.

Buyers of Mortal Kombat 1's Paid Halloween Fatality Get Compensation [Update]

Adrian Werner, 13 November 2023, 03:14

Mortal Kombat 1 has received a big patch. In addition to a slew of fixes, it improves the training mode and unlocks additional content. What's more paid fatalities are on the way.

Warner Bros. Games Will Increase Monetization; Mortal Kombat 1 With Good Sales

Marcin Przala, 09 November 2023, 03:47

Games from under the banner of the Warner Bros. corporation are to place greater emphasis on „multi-level” forms of monetization in the coming years. Among other things, such information has reached us from a meeting of representatives of the American giant with investors.

Silent Hill: Ascension is 'Complete Garbage;' Monetization Sparks Outrage Among Gamers

Kamil Kleszyk, 02 November 2023, 07:47

The release of Silent Hill: Ascension Konami can certainly not be considered a success. The latest installment of the iconic series faces criticism from gamers, mainly due to the introduction of microtransactions.

Dying Light 2 Taking Flak for Recent Changes: 'Techland Sold Its Soul' [Update]

Marcin Przala, 10 September 2023, 18:59

A huge wave of criticism from gamers came down on Techland after the latest update to Dying Light 2, which introduced an internal microtransaction system into the game.

AC Mirage With Microtransactions; That's One Aspect That Won't Return to the Roots (Leak) [Update]

Jacob Blazewicz, 09 August 2023, 18:29

Assassin's Creed: Mirage will not receive DLCs, but apparently that does not mean no microtransactions.

Valve Cracks Down on Custom Game Developers; Demands End of Monetization

Adrian Werner, 06 August 2023, 23:24

Valve is fed up with modders making money from Custom Games in Dota 2. The studio has sent letters to them demanding an end to all monetization practices.

Diablo 4 Will Get Interface Changes After Players Accused Blizzard of Foul Play [Update]

Marcin Przala, 27 July 2023, 12:08

A wave of criticism has once again fallen on Blizzard over solutions used in Diablo 4. This time the menu interface, whose design is said to expose players to accidental costs, has been taking flak. The developers have announced fixes.

Platinum From Diablo 4 Battle Pass is Not Enough to Buy Cheapest Item in the Game

Zuzanna Domeradzka, 24 July 2023, 16:07

Players have yet another reason to hate the first season of Diablo 4's online gameplay. Getting all tiers in the season pass doesn't provide enough premium currency to buy even the cheapest item in the in-game store.

UK Gaming Industry Will Restrict Access to Loot Boxes Among Children

Adam Celarek, 18 July 2023, 17:17

The British Game Industry Association, in cooperation with the government, has enacted a series of targets to guide the market with regard to lootboxes. The plan is presented in the form of 11 sub-points.

Blizzard Reverses Decision to Raise WoW Prices in Ukraine After Backlash

Jakub Tarchala, 13 June 2023, 13:25

Blizzard will not raise prices on World of Warcraft in Ukraine - the change in decision was influenced by player criticism.

Nintendo Sued for Microtransactions in Mario Kart Tour; Children Affected

Kamil Kleszyk, 24 May 2023, 15:49

An American citizen has decided to sue Nintendo after his child spent more than $170 on lootboxes in Mario Kart Tour.

Diablo 4 Won't be Pay-to-win, Says Rod Fergusson and Announces Something Cool [UPDATE]

Adam Celarek, 17 May 2023, 10:44

One of the developers of the Diablo series has shared new information related to the highly anticipated game. The developer mentions lore, the druid class and monetization.

Here's What's in Store for Us After Diablo 4's Release; Plenty to Spend Money On

Jacob Blazewicz, 11 May 2023, 13:35

Blizzard Entertainment has given an approximate launch date for the first season of Diablo IV and summarized what players can expect shortly after the game's release.

Starfield With In-game Purchases Doesn't Have to be Bad

Hubert Sledziewski, 10 May 2023, 16:17

Starfield is to offer in-game purchases. Does this mean we're in for another single-player game with microtransactions? Not necessarily.

Call of Duty Takes a Step Toward P2W; Gamers are Concerned

Marcin Przala, 14 April 2023, 15:00

With the launch of Season 3 of Modern Warfare II, a pay-to-win kit has appeared in the game's store, offering unique bonuses to one of the game's modules in addition to skins. A sizable portion of Call of Duty fans are dismayed to see that the game is heading towards pay-to-win.

Player Asked Why No One is Annoyed by Battle Pass in Diablo 4; Answers are Surprising

Hubert Sledziewski, 11 April 2023, 16:00

Diablo 4 players seem to have great confidence in Blizzard. The community is defending the paid battle pass that will appear in the game.

Resident Evil 4 Remake Gets Free Mercenaries DLC While Two Key Characters Missing

Kamil Kleszyk, 07 April 2023, 14:20

Starting today, all Resident Evil 4 Remake owners can download the free DLC called The Mercenaries. Unfortunately, the popular Mercenaries Mode is missing two important characters. Instead, there are microtransactions.

CoH 3 Expecting Big Update Today That Many Will Not Like

Adrian Werner, 28 March 2023, 13:52

Update 1.1.0 for Company of Heroes 3 will debut in a few hours, adding variety to multiplayer gameplay and introducing a microtransaction store.

Fortnite Devs Must Pay Cheated Gamers and Parents as Much as $245 Million

Sonia Selerska, 15 March 2023, 14:51

The Federal Trade Commission has made a final decision on fines for Epic Games. Fortnite's business model was deemed a threat to players.

Dark and Darker Without P2W, but Microtransactions Unavoidable

Marcin Przala, 08 March 2023, 14:58

The latest hit from Steam, Dark and Darker, will most likely debut with microtransactions. This was suggested by one of the developers, who admitted that game sales alone are not enough to maintain the game's servers.

Another Country Deals Blow to Lootboxes; Sony to Refund FUT Packs

Krzysztof Kaluzinski, 05 March 2023, 23:31

Austria joins countries that treat loot boxes as gambling. A court in the city of Hermagor has ordered Sony to refund the money a player used to purchase packs in FIFA Ultimate Team mode.

Paid Emotes Coming to Military Shooter Squad; Players Protest

Adrian Werner, 20 January 2023, 12:49

The announcement of the introduction of paid emotes to Squad has angered the community of this tactical shooter. Fans fear that this is only the beginning of negative changes.

Darktide Devs Respond to Microtransaction Criticism, Players Memetize It

Kamil Kleszyk, 04 December 2022, 20:04

Although Warhammer 40,000: Darktide is apperas to be a successful game, on closer inspection problems emerge in it that players can't stand. One of them is the microtransaction system.

Darktide Shocks With Aggressive Monetization; Players Feel Cheated

Jacob Blazewicz, 01 December 2022, 17:03

Warhammer 40,000: Darktide has been attracting and delighting crowds of gamers, but the game's launch was spoiled by technical problems and microtransactions.

Quo Vadis, Gaming? Serious Reflections on Progress, FOMO, and Direction of Gaming

Rafal Sankowski, 18 November 2022, 17:37

„Those were the days!” – this, deeply philosophical call, seems to reflect an inner restlessness and unspoken longing. But is there truth in it? And does it apply to the gaming biz? Let's find out!

Overwatch 2 Annoyed Players With Changes They Demanded

Jacob Blazewicz, 03 November 2022, 15:38

Kiriko from Overwatch 2 has many fans, but by some miracle she stirs up controversy all the time: either by „spoiling” characters, or by being at the center of complaints about microtransactions.

Subnautica Devs Remove Microtransactions From Their New Game

Kamil Kleszyk, 28 October 2022, 16:04

The developers of the popular Subnautica, Unknown Worlds Entertainment, have decided to cut lootboxes from their new game. In addition, the developers will refund players the money they've spent.

Hogwarts Legacy Devs Promised no Microtransactions; There Are Doubts

Michal Ciezadlik, 27 October 2022, 20:22

Hogwarts Legacy has been classified as a game suitable for users of 15 years and older in Australia. The local commission included microtransactions in the product description, among other things.

Overwatch 2 Players Want Hated Feature Back; Fed Up With Grind and Battle Pass

Kamil Kleszyk, 19 October 2022, 16:45

Overwatch 2 will not feature classic loot boxes. This could have been very good news. However, it turns out that the alternative solution is much worse for many players.

2020 Hit is Dying; Community Sounds Alarm and Asks for Changes

Michal Ciezadlik, 12 October 2022, 17:25

Fall Guys, which not long ago was breaking records in popularity, is now in crisis. Players, eager to act, are proposing their changes to the game, and Twitter has been flooded with posts tagged #savefallguys.

Overwatch 2 Faces Well-deserved Review Bombing as Player Frustration Reaches Peak

Hubert Sledziewski, 10 October 2022, 14:59

Overwatch 2 has not won recognition among gamers. They are conducting a review bombing of Blizzard's game, which - unlike many other cases of this phenomenon - seems fully deserved. They criticize server queues, microtransactions, as well as bugs and strange gameplay solutions.

No Man's Sky Will Remain a Gaming Gem; Dev Doesn't Want Changes

Sonia Selerska, 05 October 2022, 15:24

In the latest interview, the founder of Hello Games talks about the process of porting No Man's Sky to Nintendo Switch consoles and declares that he will not change the company's current business model.

Blizzard Embraces Ideas From Diablo Immortal; Hearthstone Gets Premium Currency

Jakub Tarchala, 24 August 2022, 14:21

Blizzard has done it again. After announcing monetization in Diablo IV and Diablo Immortal, the gaming giant plans to make Hearthstone a pay-to-win game.

Diablo 4 as Live-service Game; Seasons and Microtransactions in Detail

Hubert Sledziewski, 19 August 2022, 12:04

Blizzard has released new information on Diablo 4, outright calling it a live-service game. They info concerns microtransactions and seasons, within which players will be able to earn rewards.

Blizzard is Already Thinking About Monetizing Diablo 4

Zuzanna Domeradzka, 16 August 2022, 10:40

Did you think that Blizzard, after introducing the ability to pay for practically everything in Diablo Immortal, would get a grip and not do the same in Diablo IV? Surveys sent out by the company may indicate the opposite...

Belgium's New Regulations Failed to Get Rid of Lootboxes

Jacob Blazewicz, 09 August 2022, 11:54

2018 was supposed to be the end of lootboxes in Belgium. However, apparently banning this type of „gambling” proved too difficult in practice.

Diablo Immortal Player Spent $100 Thousand on a Character and Has no One to Play With; Wants a Refund [UPDATED]

Przemyslaw Dygas, 04 August 2022, 09:58

Youtuber jtisallbusiness has spent so much money on micropayments in Diablo Immortal that it is preventing him from playing PvP. Now he is considering whether to demand a refund.

Up to $45 for Overwatch 2 Skin

Zuzanna Domeradzka, 01 August 2022, 14:25

Blizzard has started sending out surveys about microtransactions in the upcoming Overwatch 2. According to them, a single skin can cost as much as $45.

Torchlight: Infinite Devs Take a Jab at Diablo Immortal

Jacob Blazewicz, 29 July 2022, 20:52

Torchlight: Infinite will not repeat the mistakes of Diablo Immortal. At least that's what producer Liu Heng assures, who mentioned, among other things, microtransactions and a „presentation.”.

Diablo Immortal's Earnings Pick Up Steam Thanks to China

Kamil Kleszyk, 28 July 2022, 20:58

Diablo Immortal presses on, despite criticism. The game, hated by many for its ubiquitous microtransactions, has become a real money-making machine. After its release in China, Blizzard's game broke the magic barrier of $100 million in revenue.

Completed 1,000 Rifts in Diablo Immortal Without Paying and Here's What He Got

destroytheardor, 19 July 2022, 13:50

A gamer decided to test the effects of completing 1,000 rifts in Diablo Immortal without spending money on microtransactions. Was it even worth his time investment?

Not Everybody Thinks Lootboxes Are a National Problem

destroytheardor, 18 July 2022, 16:33

The UK government has conducted an investigation into lootboxes in video games. The conclusions are that the problem exists and needs to be addressed, but it is best if it solves itself.

Son Spent $2,000 in Diablo Immortal; No Hopes for Refund

Adam Adamczyk, 15 July 2022, 13:06

A desperate parent is seeking counseling after his son spent about $2,000 in Diablo Immortal.

Diablo Immortal Defended by Blizzard's Boss

Kamil Kleszyk, 07 July 2022, 12:17

Blizzard Entertainment CEO Mike Ybarra defends the controversial microtransactions in Diablo Immortal, claiming that it is possible to complete the game in 99.5% without any monetary contributions.

Netherlands and Spain Fed Up With Lootboxes; Regulations Inbound

Michal Ciezadlik, 04 July 2022, 19:38

Lootboxes are attracting the attention of politicians in more European countries. After Belgium, it is the Netherlands that is set to become the next lootbox-free country. The local MPs have already submitted a relevant bill.

Players Cry, But Pay; Diablo Immortal Earns Millions of Dollars

Jacob Blazewicz, 04 July 2022, 19:22

Diablo Immortal is drowning in a sea of criticism, but also money. After a month, the game is still making $1 million a day for Blizzard Entertainment.

New Boss in Diablo Immortal Pushes the Envelope of Grind

destroytheardor, 04 July 2022, 10:27

You can already face a new boss in Diablo Immortal, but the required level of a character's combat rating may be beyond the capabilities of even players who have no qualms with spending money on microtransactions.

Diablo Immortal Too Predatory; Experts Withdraw Their Support

Miriam Moszczynska, 30 June 2022, 13:39

A website creating guides for Diablo Immortal stopped supporting the game. It happened because of the nature of the gameplay, which is focused on payments.

Maxing Out Diablo Immortal Characters Can Cost Over $500 Thousand

Zuzanna Domeradzka, 28 June 2022, 13:21

Diablo Immortal may require spending up to $540k to max out a single character. Players have discovered a gem upgrade „mechanic” due to which the approximate cost of maxing out a character is higher than previously speculated.