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News video games 17 May 2023, 14:04

author: Kamil Kleszyk

CoH 3 Taking Flak; Players Returned to CoH 2

It seems that Relic Entertainment has not provided Company of Heroes fans with the „three” they expected. Three months after its release, CoH 3 is facing very negative reviews.

May 23 will mark three months since the official release of Company of Heroes 3 on PC. This is an excellent opportunity to take a look at the overall situation surrounding the latest installment of the beloved series from Relic Entertainment. Did the game live up to player expectations? Analyzing community comments on Steam, the answer is - no.

Warning signal

At the time of writing this message Company of Heroes 3 on has 16,568 reviews on Steam, of which only 55% (8033) are positive reviews. Things look much worse if we take into account the latest player reactions. In the last 30 days, out of 695 reviews, only 36% were positive .. This is a clear wake-up call for the developers that they are heading in the wrong direction.

"Old man" is better

According to players, CoH 3 has many flaws - starting with an underdeveloped gameplay system through numerous bugs and ending with a poorly designed campaign.. The community also complains that the developers have not implemented any significant changes.

"It is very bad. The campaign is the worst of all parts, and the storyline and mechanics are at the lowest level. Multiplayer is the worst experience. You can say that Company of Heroes 2 was lousy, but let me tell you that it wasn't. It didn't lose players so quickly because it offered a pretty good experience in co-op mode and a really cool campaign. The multiplayer was rotten, but they managed to get players within a few years, here in CoH 3 I don't see any hope of that happening, [...] a really terrible start to the game," wrote [LWR]FEAR

"I enjoyed playing CoH 2 with my buddies, but in this game you get attacked so quickly by armored troops that there's nothing to do. It's basically a simulator for being bullied," complains SyKo bAmBi.

"Too much time was spent on cosmetics and not enough on making the game work properly," notes Tank.

"The game is inferior to CoH 2 in almost every respect, and certainly in all the important ones (playability and AI).

In its current form, it is little more than a method of making people spend cash. The single-player mode is, well, unplayable. The AI is somehow inferior to even the first game. Graphically it's mildly better, but it's nothing worth spending money on.

Like most of the CoH community, I really wanted to like this game, but there's nothing about it that's worth spending more than, say, $20. If you own CoH 2, then don't bother buying this game," concludes Team Mark.

The numbers speak for themselves

What's interesting, Company of Heroes 3 fares worse than prequel not only in terms of reviews, but also player interest. According to SteamDB CoH 2 is played by significantly more people than the third game.. Not to be outdone, I will cite a situation from May 14. At one point Company of Heroes 3 was played by 3515 users, while at the same time CoH 2 had 6403 people.

Finally, let us remind you that already on May 30 Company of Heroes 3 will be released on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S consoles..

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