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News guides 13 November 2023, 01:21

Colony Ship Implants and Can You Remove Them?

Do you wonder how you can further increase your characters' stats in Colony Ship? In our guide we explain how implants work and provide a full list of them.

Source: Colony Ship, developer: Iron Tower Studio

Colony Ship is an isometric RPG with a turn-based combat system, in which players traverse the interior of a ship, learning the history of the ship and its inhabitants. There's no lack of conflicts that you'll have to resolve, and a perfectly built character in terms of statistics is suitable for this. Implants can help with it. In our guide, you will learn about all available implants and whether they can be removed or not.

What are implants used for in Colony Ship?

Implants are items that can be installed in any character, which will give them additional bonuses or increase key stats. They do not have any negative effects, so it is worth using them. You can do it by interacting with Medical Machine and selecting the Install Implants option. The number of implants we can equip in a character depends on their Constitution.

Remember that the installation of implants is irreversible! This was even confirmed by the developers of the game, answering a question from a fan in one of the posts on the Steam platform. Therefore, think about which team member will need a particular implant the most and whether it is the right time to install it.

Full list of implants and upgrades in Colony Ship

Below is a complete list of all available implants in the game, along with their possible upgrades:



Bionic Eye – Perception +1

Advanced Targeting: +4 Accuracy, +2 Aimed, +2 Critical Chance,

GlareShield: +20 Thermal Vision, +20 Optical Resistance.

Exo-Spine – Strength +1

Machine Gunner: +4 Recoil Control,

Heavy Infantry: +4 Armor Handling,

Cage Fighter: +1-1 Melee Damage.

Motor Cortex – Dexterity +1

Combat Reflexes: +3 Evasion,

Assault Trooper: +2 Movement AP,

Rapid Response: +6 Initiative.

Neural Uplink – Intelligence +1

Neural Shield: +10 Neural Resistance,

Bridge Officer: +10 Experience Bonus,

Predictive Analytics: Combat Skills Gains +20% LP.

Squad Leader – Followers: Accuracy +4%, Evasion +4%, Critical Chance +3%, Followers Initiative +4

Neural Dampener: +1 Initial Disposition, +10 Neural Resistance, +10 Followers Neural Resistance.

Subdermal Armor – Natural DR +1

Heat Absorber: +2 Energy DR.

Synthetic Heart – Toxic Resistance +25, HP Regen +2, when 13 HP or less: Stat Regen +1

Painkiller: +1 HP Regen,

Lifesaver: +5 Max HP.

Dawid Lubczynski

Dawid Lubczynski

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