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News guides 11 June 2024, 01:50

Controller Support in Bodycam Explained

If you would like to give Bodycam a try, yet you are a fan of gamepads, let's check if the game offers proper controller support.

Source: Bodycam, Developer: Reissad Studio

There are different reasons why some players prefer controllers to keyboard and mouse while playing on PC. They can range from a simple habit and convenience to more serious things like accessibility, as some people are unable to enjoy games on specific devices. Nowadays, more and more developers are treating this matter with high importance, making their productions available to everyone. Even though many would argue that gamepad isn’t the best option for FPS titles, eventually it all comes down to personal preference. Let’s see if controller support is implemented in the recently released in Early Access Bodycam.

Controller support in Bodycam

The developer pair, Luca and Leo, responsible for creation of Bodycam has already informed us that the main platform they want to focus on is PC, leaving consoles behind, at least for now. In the FAQ section on their official website, they have very clearly confirmed that the weight is put on keyboard and mouse support with no mention of controllers.

Upon testing and reports of fans, it is possible to do some operations in the title’s main menu, like scrolling up and down, however it is not viable to play Bodycam using controllers. There are some settings that suggest the use of gamepads, yet they are unfinished and impossible to rebind (at least mostly).

On one hand, it’s a shame that more accessibility options are out of the question for now, yet on the other, we have to understand that there are only two people who develop the game. Since Bodycam just entered Early Access, it’s also a great opportunity to share feedback with the creators on their official discord server. We can imagine that if the demand is high enough, they will divert their forces towards implementing the most desired functionalities.

Adding to the fact of limited workforce, there are more pressuring problems that the devs have to address first, like black screens and crashes, network issues, communication difficulties, and low FPS. If you struggle with the framerate, we have prepared an article that can help you optimise Bodycam’s graphics settings.

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