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News video games 25 July 2022, 10:29

author: destroytheardor

Leader Leaves MMO in Disgrace After Winning War and Building Empire

One of EVE Online's best-known players is leaving due to personal problems and in the shadow of a harassment scandal and accusations of mismanagement in the background.

  • The leader of one of the longest-running and most powerful organizations in EVE Online is stepping down from his position and leaving the game.
  • Mittani's resignation takes place in the shadow of numerous scandals and accusations.
  • Galaxy of EVE Online may be facing huge changes in the near future.

EVE Online has enjoyed unflagging popularity for years. In this space MMO playerscreate entire countries and corporations and the boundaries between reality and the game world are heavily blurred. Mittani is the controversial CEO of the GoonWaffe corporation and enforcer of the Goonswarm Federation, which controls much of the space in the game. Under the influence of personal problems and numerous accusations the leader has decided to step down from his seat.

Resignation with scandal in the background

Mittani's method of governance was repeatedly met with protests from other players. He was said to be a leader with a dismissive approach to his functions, who ignored undesirable behavior manifested in the organization, including harassment. However, the straw that broke the camel's back came from the banning of a high-profile, well-known community member for reporting complaints and abuses.

Leader Leaves MMO in Disgrace After Winning War and Building Empire - picture #1
The Mittani. Source: / A Tale of Internet Spaceships.

Mittani was also said to have objected to the revocation of membership of a Goonswarn officer who had been banned from the Something Awful forum (where the corporation was born) after accusations of alleged involvement in child pornography.

Mittani commented on his departure as follows on the Goonfleet forum (via Empire News):

"My people, I’m afraid that the sheer amount of smears being flung my way across the galaxy are simply too much to handle at a personal level. The fact that my divorce, the loss of my dog, and a terrible number other of outright lies and falsehoods have been heaped on top of each other has resulted in me becoming simply too radioactive to continue leading Goonswarm without my presence being a net negative for the wider tribe.

The accusations that I am aware of are unsubstantiated falsehoods, and I did not sign up to be the scapegoat for the entire galaxy. You deserve better in leadership than having to continually be confronted with MITTANI MAN BAD day in, day out; I, and my partner, deserve better than to wake each day to find some new horrific slander being levelled against me. The only honorable thing to do is exit in an orderly fashion. I have transferred shares to Xttz and will be making [player - ed. note] TheAdj Interim CEO of Goonwaffe.".

The Goonswarm Federation leads the Empire coalition - it is one of the longest running and most powerful organizations in EVE Online. Players have already carried out many coordinated actions, aimed at removing it from power, but all attempts ended in failure. Now, after the resignation of the leader who ruled for more than 12 years , there could be a split that would have a gigantic impact on the entire galaxy.

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