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20-year-old MMO Finally Gets Collector's Edition; One Element Very Appreciated

Zuzanna Domeradzka, 10 July 2023, 17:27

MMO EVE Online will soon receive a collector's edition to celebrate the game's 20th anniversary. It will include, among other things, a plushie that fans have been asking for for several years.

Star Citizen Unplayable? Download Latest Version and Judge for Yourself

Kamil Kleszyk, 13 April 2023, 15:38

Cloud Imperium Games has announced that the Star Citizen project has received a new update. Anyone willing can now try out the recent improvements in a free version of the game.

EVE Online Player Took Advantage of Obscure Rule to Commit Biggest Robbery in the Game's History

Adam Celarek, 12 April 2023, 15:58

The EVE Online community was once again surprised with an amazing story that took place in the universe. The hero turned out to be a daring player who committed a spectacular theft in broad daylight.

EVE Online's Roadmap for 2023 Astounds After Last Year's Boom

Michal Ciezadlik, 09 January 2023, 15:40

EVE Online players can rub their hands together in glee. According to the developers, 2023 will be full of interesting developments in the world of the space MMO.

Star Citizen With New Records and Big Plans for 2023

Jakub Tarchala, 02 January 2023, 15:01

Chris Roberts' latest blog post reveals a lot of interesting information. The CEO celebrates excellent results for 2022 and outlines plans for the development of Star Citizen.

Uprising in Eve Online; Space Disaster was Just the Beginning

Jacob Blazewicz, 10 November 2022, 11:21

The Uprising DLC launched in EVE Online, and with it, New Eden was engulfed by a faction war.

EVE Online Blew Up a Sun; Players Ecstatic

Adrian Werner, 04 November 2022, 14:26

EVE Online players recently witnessed an unusual event in which a star was destroyed along with the planet orbiting around it.

My Toxic Relationship to Sham of The Century Game

Adam Kusiak, 01 October 2022, 17:26

Some say Star Citizen is the biggest hoax in the video games industry, so I returned to the game to, this time in version 3.17, see for myself how things are going for this game. Believe it or not, not much has changed.

Star Citizen Raised Half a Billion Dollars

Jakub Tarchala, 21 September 2022, 12:21

Fundraising for Star Citizen is not slowing down. Despite countless memes and derision, gamers are not stopping investing in the nearly 10-year-old project.

Leader Leaves MMO in Disgrace After Winning War and Building Empire

destroytheardor, 25 July 2022, 10:29

One of EVE Online's best-known players is leaving due to personal problems and in the shadow of a harassment scandal and accusations of mismanagement in the background.

EVE Online's Overhaul Brings Spectacular Results

Przemyslaw Dygas, 29 June 2022, 12:53

EVE Online received a big update. The game has undergone a visual overhaul and received a helpful career mode for new players.

Star Citizen - How to Remove Crimestat

Adam Adamczyk, 13 May 2022, 12:47

Wanted status in Star Citizen can make the game much more difficult. From this guide, you will learn how to reset the crimestat and how to avoid offenses.

Star Citizen Abandons Roadmap, Offers Coffee Shop Instead

Jacob Blazewicz, 03 February 2022, 12:21

Cloud Imperium Games is fed up with the „noise” of players in connection with delays in the development of Star Citizen. Therefore, the developers are abandoning the long-term roadmap. Fortunately, we can expect the addition of a coffee vendor.

Star Citizen and Squadron 42 Launch Only in a Few Years; Devs Plan Sequels

Przemyslaw Dygas, 12 January 2022, 11:09

The release of Star Citizen and Squadron 42 will take place only in a few years. This does not stop Cloud Imperium Games from making plans for the next parts of the latter.

Players Outraged by Ship Price in Star Citizen; Update Adds Unusual Event

Michael Zegar, 23 December 2021, 21:37

Patch 3.16 for Star Citizen adds a new PvP mode, called Jumptown 2.0, mysterious wrecks and expands clashes in the atmosphere. However, controversy was sparked by a new ship, which, although able to accommodate half the players on the server, was priced at almost $300.

2021 Brought Record Pledges for Star Citizen

Hubert Sledziewski, 02 December 2021, 20:19

The year 2021 turned out to be a record year for Star Citizen. The game, developed by Cloud Imperium Games for many years, has collected the most money from players in its entire history, and we still have almost the whole December to go. Yesterday, the developers updated the game's roadmap.

Star Citizen Fundraiser Campaign Exceeds $400 Million

Miriam Moszczynska, 21 November 2021, 21:58

More than 3 million players have already supported the development of Star Citizen, which translates into an incredible amount of several hundred million dollars pledged to the ongoing development of this space sim.

Star Citizen's CitizenCon Disappointing, but Earned a Lot of Money

Adrian Werner, 11 October 2021, 12:00

During the Star Citizen convention CitizenCon, we've heard no release date announcements and no mention of the single-player Squadron 42, yet the developers made millions of dollars in a single day.

Battles in EVE Online Will be Even Bigger; CCP Tests Important Changes

Jacob Blazewicz, 07 October 2021, 13:24

Larger battles in EVE Online, more stable gameplay and no downtime? All this may be enabled by a solution, which CCP Games is currently working on.

Wipe in Star Citizen 3.15

GRG, 16 September 2021, 16:58

Update 3.15 for Star Citizen will bring a wipe. Players will lose everything they have gained in the game so far.

EVE Online Update Makes the Game More Accessible for Newcomers

Przemyslaw Dygas, 15 September 2021, 13:10

The creators of EVE Online decided to make life easier for new players. A story tutorial, among other things, has been added to the game.

Star Citizen Ads Were Misleading? Player Reported Them to ASA

Damian Gacek, 05 September 2021, 18:11

Star Citizen certainly stirs many emotions - from admiration to irritation and even indignation. This time, one of the fans decided that he's had enough of the game's opaque advertising policy and decided to do something about it.

Star Citizen Free Fly Event Offers Free Week With the Game

Gacek, 19 August 2021, 13:45

Star Citizen's Free Fly event is kicking off - for one week, you can try out the game completely free and see if it's worth your money.

Star Citizen 3.14 - Players Couldn't Pick Up Ships They Paid For

Damian Gacek, 13 August 2021, 15:51

Star Citizen had to face another serious bug. As a result of patch 3.14, players were unable to use the option to pick up insured ships.

The Year-long War in EVE Online Comes to an End

Przemyslaw Dygas, 09 August 2021, 15:23

Another great war in EVE Online is coming to an end. It lasted over a year and was influenced by the pandemic and the European Football Championship.

Floating City and Another Ship; Star Citizen Update 3.14 Goes Live

Przemyslaw Dygas, 08 August 2021, 20:04

Star Citizen has received update 3.14, and players can now visit a floating city, take part in new events, and see changes to some mechanics.

EVE Online Devs Test Graphic Update

Jacob Blazewicz, 24 June 2021, 15:48

Graphics in EVE Online will get an onverhaul. CCP Games started testing an update that will add flair to the universe of the space MMORPG.

Gamers Destroy Elite: Dangerous - Odyssey in Reviews on Steam

Przemyslaw Dygas, 21 May 2021, 12:54

Elite: Dangerous - Odyssey was not to the liking of players. Reviews on Steam show that the reception of the game is clearly negative.

EVE Online Saved Scientists 330 Years of Research

Jacob Blazewicz, 06 May 2021, 17:26

The third phase of Project Discovery in EVE Online is in full swing. As part of the action, the players have completed enough science-based tasks to spare the professionals over 330 years of coronavirus research.

Starbase From Trine Devs Launches in Early Access in June

Przemyslaw Dygas, 29 April 2021, 20:04

New game from Frozenbyte will hit early access in June. Starbase is the first MMO game created by the Finnish studio.

Star Citizen Gets a Big Update, but NPCs Still Stand on Chairs and Benches

Bart Swiatek, 27 April 2021, 13:31

Star Citizen received update 3.13.0. It introduces a lot of big changes and innovations to Cloud Imperium Games' work, led by the degradation of ship hulls, ship-to-ship docking and the option to move objects in the game world. However, players are also complaining about some bugs that remain unfixed.

EVE Anywhere Lets You Play Eve Online in Browser

Adrian Werner, 16 March 2021, 14:28

The team at CCP Games launched the beta of EVE Anywhere, a streaming service that lets you play EVE Online in the browser.

Players Enslaved by Scammers in Elite Dangerous

Przemyslaw Dygas, 08 February 2021, 16:02

Elite Dangerous is a simulator that gives the players a very wide range of gameplay possibilities. Promptly, some of them decided to open a space labor camp, to which they lured new pilots who are unprepared for a creative scam.

A Giant Battle Just Took Place in EVE Online

Bart Swiatek, 31 December 2020, 17:44

A giant space battle took place in the space MMO EVE Online, featuring the most powerful class of ships - the so-called Titans. Vessels worth hundreds of thousands of dollars were destroyed.

EVE Online Calls Christmas Truce Like in World War I

Adrian Werner, 23 December 2020, 13:05

EVE Online organized a Christmas cease-fire to give a moment of rest to the sides of the galactic war that continued for many months.

Star Citizen Assault on Stanton Introduces First Big Battle to the Game [Updated]

Bart Swiatek, 23 December 2020, 12:39

Developers from the Cloud Empire Games have announced that this week Star Citizen will host the Assault on Stanton event, where pilots will be able to take part in large-scale battles against the forces of the terrorist organization XenoThreat.

Starship Exhibit in Star Citizen

Milosz Szubert, 20 November 2020, 20:23

Intergalactic Aerospace Expo 2950 event took place today in Star Citizen. Part of it is the so-called Free Fly, during which it is possible to test selected vessels from the game.

EVE Online Just Witnessed Biggest PvP Battle in History

Krzysztof Kaluzinski, 11 October 2020, 21:47

Today, EVE Online witnessed the biggest battle between users in the history of video games. Almost 9 thousand people participated in it, and the battle itself lasted 14 hours. Even this did not end the war between the two factions.

5 Years of Vengeful Preparation for a Great War in EVE Online

Bart Swiatek, 16 September 2020, 13:34

In July, another great war with tens of thousands of registered users began in EVE Online. The conflict was caused by a player named Vily. In the past, he was a fleet commander in the faction he now attacked, but was relieved of his duties, after he had to abandon the game for a while because of his responsibilities in real life.

EVE Online Available on Phones

Adrian Werner, 13 August 2020, 11:46

Finally, the day has come for the launch of EVE Echoes, a space MMO and a mobile spin-off to the PC version known as EVE Online.

EVE Online - Player Graveyard Becomes an Official Part of the Game

Jacob Blazewicz, 30 July 2020, 13:56

CCP Games added a new location to EVE Online. It is a monumental structure serving as a graveyard, which replaced the mausoleum run by players for several years.

EVE Online - Huge Battle Celabrates Birthday of Terminally Ill Player

Paul Wozniak, 28 June 2020, 21:27

EVE Online has organized an event to celebrate the birthday of a terminally ill player, with participation of more than 2 thousand people. As part of the action, its participants arranged a huge battle.

Star Citizen is One of the Most Expensive Games in History; $300 Million Raised

Paul Wozniak, 14 June 2020, 22:47

Over $300 million has already been raised for the space simulator Star Citizen. This makes the game one of the most expensive titles in the history of video games.

EVE Online - Player Collects Loot Worth $60 Thousand

Smoczy, 08 June 2020, 18:31

Due to recent changes in EVE Online, many players are forming small groups and plundering abandoned Citadels. One of them, known as Sulley, discovered loot worth a fortune during one such raid.

Star Citizen - Over a Week of Playing For Free

Paul Wozniak, 23 May 2020, 16:21

As part of the Invictus Launch Week event, the players can play for more than a week in the space simulator of Cloud Imperium Games - Star Citizen. Various ships will be at their disposal. New update, numbered 3.9.1 has also been released.

Star Citizen 3.9 - New Update Adds Prison

Bart Swiatek, 30 April 2020, 12:58

The latest update to the space simulator Star Citizen - Alpha 3.9: Locked Up and Loaded - adds a prison to the game. Players can also get a new ship, complete another mission and enjoy a number of improvements related to i.e. the interface.

EVE Online - $30,000 for a Virtual Starship

Krzysztof Kaluzinski, 28 January 2020, 17:53

Gold Magnate from EVE Online may be the most expensive virtual spaceship in the history of video games. It was sold for over $30,000. Moreover, the whole amount will be used to help Australia.

Alien Invasion in EVE Online Continues - New Update Has Been Announced

Jacob Blazewicz, 28 October 2019, 22:54

CCP Games has announced the second part of the Invasion expansion to EVE Online. The next chapter will introduce new attractions and significant changes in the universe of the space MMO.

Space Invasion of EVE Online; Player Empires in Pieces

Paul Wozniak, 28 June 2019, 10:57

Players of the space MMO EVE Online have been invaded and their structures have been attacked by NPCs. At the moment it is not known whether this is a further part of the recently issued expansion or a bug in the game.

Starbase - Vast MMO With Destructible Environments Revealed

Bart Swiatek, 29 May 2019, 12:39

Frozenbyte has announced Starbase, a promising space MMO that stands out for its high level of gameplay freedom and a completely destructible environment. We'll be able to play it this year.