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News Files and Mods 15 October 2023, 07:06

author: Adrian Werner

Fan Took Cyberpunk 2077's New Police System and Made It Even Better

The NCPD Prevention Police Enhancement mod has been released, which significantly increases the realism and effectiveness of the police force in Cyberpunk 2077.

Source: CD projekt RED

When released in 2020, one of the elements Cyberpunk 2077, which looked the weakest, was the police system. Since then, the devs have put a ton of effort into improving this gameplay element and now, after update 2.0, it presents a fairly similar level to that of other big open world games, such as Grand Theft Auto V. One modder, however, decided to go much further and developed a project thoroughly reworking the behavior of cops in Night City.

The modification is titled NCPD Prevention Police Enhancement. Its goal is to increase the realism of the police force in the game, so that it becomes possible to play the role of a criminal pursued by the law. With this project, to lose the chase, it is no longer enough to make a few turns. At higher levels, the police can often chase us for a dozen or even dozens of minutes, and in order to elude them, we need to find a safe shelter or change cars, and preferably to one with whose windows make it more difficult to recognize us.

  1. NCPD Prevention Police Enhancement - download the mod from our FTP server (the author has given us permission to host mirrors to his projects)
Fan Took Cyberpunk 2077s New Police System and Made It Even Better - picture #1
The mod makes Night City police a real threat to criminals. Source: CD Projekt RED.

With the mod, the crowds are more likely to react aggressively to our breaking the law. The AI of police officers has also been improved. For example, they can now search for the player at much further distances than before. It has also been thoroughly reworked who will chase us at the subsequent stars, so that the sent troops pose a much greater threat even to a high-level player character.

To make playing as a criminal at all possible, the number of police cars patrolling the streets has been reduced to a more realistic level.

All in all, the changes are very big. Reading the comments of players on Nexus Mods, one can come to the conclusion that it is not likely to be a design that is suitable for gameplay when simply completing the game, as with it most crimes bring a lot of trouble for us. Rather, it's a great mod to check out after completing the main storyline, when we're looking for new ways to have fun in Night City.

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