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Cyberpunk 2077 - NCPD Prevention Police Enhancement (Redmod) v.2.1 - Game mod - Download

The file NCPD Prevention Police Enhancement (Redmod) v.2.1 is a modification for Cyberpunk 2077, a(n) rpg game. Download for free.

file typeGame mod

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last updateMonday, February 5, 2024

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NCPD Prevention Police Enhancement (Redmod) is a mod forĀ Cyberpunk 2077, created by Katane.


NCPD will now be more realistic.

All the prevention system have been revisited to give the player a more realistic way of being an outlaw.

NCPD is now a real deal, you commit a crime ? You get a bounty for a good time and Night City will react organically in a realistic way.

Be careful, NCPD investigation will pay. So it's better if you double check the road you want to cross, unless you want to being involved in a long chase.

Chose a car with few windows, like an utility van, to not be easily recognized by cops. Change car as soon as you lose the heat. Walk on the side of incoming traffic, to detect faster an incoming patrol. Melee weapon is more tolerated than pistols, remember it.

Adapt to the new Night City Prevention system.


You have to install Redmod

Simply drag NCPDPPE Folder in Cyberpunk2077/Mods folder

Then enable Mods with the Red prelauncher

/!\ Please, ensure that your game is updated to the last version, ensure REDmod is updated to the last version AND, ensure that your mods are updated /!\

/!\ Can conflict with other police / crowd mod /!\


Focused on the heat levels, this mod enable you to experience a more realistic prevention system. It will be particularly hard to lose the grey stars when it's more than two stars.

How to lose Police ?

Actually, if you want to escape faster, you have to go in a safe area (like bars) or you have to reach a vendor and open the trade menu, then grey stars disappear.

It is a roleplay way to say "time passed", or "You changed outfit".

At the moment i'm ok with this system because as long as Grey Stars are active, you can't save, you can't use elevator, etc.


  1. Revamped first star and second star system (see below)
  2. New research system, expand the time you get a bounty. It is based on your heat level. For example, 1 grey star = ~10 minutes to be clear. So you have to move carefully to not encounter NCPD. For that to be realistic and fun to play, lets go to the second feature :
  3. Lowered the number of NCPD cars patrolling the streets and disabled NCPD on foot patrolling the street. They where too much for me just walking around. The already scripted events you find on NC does perfectly the job for "Ped Patrol". Car is still on service, but lowered. It's Night City, not New York.
  4. Enormously enlarge the crime radius research area. You will not lose the heat after few corners. NCPD will be aware of you and detect you in a large area of the crime you committed. More stars you got, harder / impossible is to escape the research area.
  5. Balanced the crime score asked from the game to make the heat goes up.
  6. Enhanced despawn distance of NCPD, increased the fact they remember you for more long.
  7. Increased the number of aggressive crowd, like when you steal a car, or bump more time into someone.
  8. AI in general is a bit tweaked to have more time researching a threat, they can move more than 50 meters of the last known position. This is available for the whole AI in the game. I will remove this feature if it conflict with some other mods.

1 STAR :

  1. It's now possible to have an NCPD car drive by a lonely officer
  2. Disabled NCPD motorcycle
  3. Reduced a lot NCPD aggressive driving, resulting in a pleasant police chase
  4. Reduced the amount of NCPD cars chasing, and reduced the amount of possible reinforcement, as NCPD don't care so much for low crimes
  5. Officers will use melee weapons until you get in car. If you take a car they will use pistols to stop you. As soon as you go back on foot, they adapt with ??a melee ?weapon.
  6. Android is removed from spawning at first star.
  7. Already patroling NCPD car will act violently if you commit a crime in front of them. As they are not first response melee investigators, but NCPD dissuasion operator.
  8. ?First response NCPD car will not shoot while chasing you by car at first star. (cancelled by v 1.1)
  9. Added probability of Android spawning (cancelled by v 1.1)


  1. Added probability of Android spawning
  2. Reduced reinforcement and engaged cars from base game
  3. Added a lot of variety for NCPD
  4. Re added NCPD motorcycle, disarming them, they only use melee weapon
  5. Low probability of a Netwatch agent to join the heat with an unmarked car(actually a civil car, i cannot find the unmarked model called black_agent in game file, if you know where it is MP me).


  1. NCPD Thorton Merrimac MSP3 join the heat.


  1. Tweaked how many NCPD can join, tweaked time trough reinforcement for all heat level.


This version bring the prevention system to an other level, more realistic, more immersive, more variety. First star and Second star are a good playground to live Night City with fear of being catch. Have a third star and NCPD will take your case seriously. As the fourth star show up, Night City become a No Joke place.


  1. Added a lot of diverse NCPD agents as second star show up. Some of them are more stupid and will not detect you easily. Detective and inspector join the heat only at second star.
  2. Tweaked how many NCPD can join, tweaked time trough reinforcement for all heat level.
  3. Re balanced crime score in general.
  4. Tweaked despawn prevention unit. Resulting in a better flow between all patrol cars and peds involved in the heat.
  5. Shooting from car is restored in v 1.1 because it was preventing NCPD to dismount of the car at first star, resulting in strange ?situation where they just stay there and let you beat them trough the window with no reaction at all. So in v 1.1, they react normally as intended.

Removed Shotgun and Rifle for motorcycle NCPD, for 1.1 they are melee guys.

  • Last update: Monday, February 5, 2024
  • Genre: RPG
  • File size: 58.6 KB
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