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News guides 10 June 2024, 07:32

author: Damian Gacek

Dark and Darker - Players Can't Link Account, Miss Code and More

After some difficulties, Dark and Darker is again on Steam. Fans report that they can’t link their accounts, though.

Source: Dark and Darker, developer: Ironmace

Dark and Darker is a multiplayer game which allows you to descent into a dungeon and fight for loot against monsters and other players. Some time ago it was a hit on Steam. However, due to some legal problems, the title was temporarily removed from the platform… and it is now back. Of course, many people are happy about this… but there are some issues. Fans report that it is problematic to connect accounts.

Dark and Darker – Problems with Linking Account

Upon starting the game, players are asked if they want to link their accounts. It seems that it is impossible, at least right now. The link takes you to the official site, where you can read a FAQ. There it is possible to find a warning:

The Platform Link has NOT been fully implemented at this time. For our players on Blacksmith, please continue playing on Blacksmith until we announce the release of the Platform Link shortly. If you create a new character on your Steam or Epic account, you will need to delete those characters later on when you want to bring over your Blacksmith account.

So, if you have played Dark and Darker on a different account, you should continue to do so for now. It seems that developers did not polish this feature in time. Let’s hope that it will be added soon and players will have a choice, as definitely many of them would like to have a game on Steam, too. For now, we wish you good luck and watch out for yourself in dungeons.

Damian Gacek

Damian Gacek

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Dark and Darker

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