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News video games 04 November 2022, 14:57

author: Adam Adamczyk

Deep Rock Galactic - Best Builds 2022

In Deep Rock Galactic you can create many interesting character builds. In this guide, we have selected the ones that players created the most frequently.

Table of Contents:

Deep Rock Galactic is a game in which we take on the role of one of four characters and, together with our companions, traverse a procedurally generated world, mine resources and fight enemies. In this guide we will present the best character builds according to the playersTherefore, it is subjective and not everyone has to agree with the advice described below. The builds are for the latest patch.


  1. The main weapon of this class is Corrosive Sludge Pump, which is worth enhancing with Volatile Impact Mixture, which will noticeably increase damage and area of effect range.
  2. The second weapon of choice is the Experimental Plasma Charger. For both the main and second weapons, it is good to increase magazine capacity.
  3. As for the equipment, here it is good to bet on Reinforced Power Drills with an emphasis on drill speed and fuel capacity.
  4. When choosing Satchel Charge by far the best decision will be to bet on as many explosive charges as possible.
  5. Heavy Drill Suit works well if it provides as many life points as possible and enables you to accommodate more minerals.
  6. In the case of a throwing items, players are very likely to choose the Impact Axe, which is characterized by considerable damage.


  1. One of the most popular basic weapons for this class is the Warthog Auto 210. In order for the weapon to wreak even more havoc, it is worth equipping it with increased magazine capacity and setting it up for rapid firing.
  2. As a second weapon, players often choose Deepcore 40MM PGL set primarily to ammunition capacity.
  3. As for the equipment, it is worth choosing Platform Gun with a setting under ammunition capacity.
  4. Next, a good choice would be LMG Gun Platform set for damage and use time reduction.
  5. Engineer Suit should be set for as much defense as possible, so it is worth focusing on life points and poison protection.
  6. The most popular throwable item here is the Proximity Mine, which explodes when an opponent approaches it.


  1. The weapon of first choice should be Thunderhead Heavy Autocannon set for magazine capacity and high damage.
  2. The second weapon of choice for players is the Bulldog Heavy Revolver. With this weapon, it is a good idea to focus on the smallest possible bullet spread. A larger magazine also comes in very handy.
  3. Zipline Launcher should always be set up to provide the greatest possible range.
  4. Also very useful is the Shield Generator and in this case it is best to bet on the longest possible shield duration.
  5. As for throwing items, players recommend Sticky Grenade, which as the name suggests - sticks to the surface. This enables you to detonate it at a specific point.


  1. As the main weapon of this character, players are most likely to choose Deepcore GK2 which is set primarily for damage, fira rate and magazine capacity.
  2. The second weapon is Zhukov NUK17. With this weapon, it is worth betting primarily on magazine capacity, armor penetration and as little spread as possible.
  3. Very useful is the Grappling Hook, which is worth setting up in the same way as the Zipline Launcher used by Gunner. This means that we focus primarily on range.
  4. Another type of equipment that is very useful during gameplay is the Flare Gun, which is worth setting up so that it lasts as long as possible.
  5. Light Scouting Suit should be set for life points, shield regeneration speed and fall damage reduction.
  6. Finally, there is Voltaic Stun Sweeper, which, when thrown, searches for an opponent by itself and hurls electricity at them.

Adam Adamczyk

Adam Adamczyk

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Deep Rock Galactic

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