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How to Defeat Rockpox Corruptor in Deep Rock Galactic (DRG)

DRG will be soon entering season 4 with many new features. Space dwarfs will encounter Lithophages including Rockpox Corruptor. In this article you will learn all you need to know in order to defeat this opponent.

Source: Ghost Ship Games

New season approaches to the fans’ favourite space dwarfs game. Deep Rock Galactic will be updated with season 4 called Critical Corruption on June 15th though some of the players are already able to test it out on experimental version. The expansion features new event – Rockpox Corruptor. Let’s prepare ourselves and learn how to deal with this foe.

How to defeat Rockpox Corruptor in Deep Rock Galactic

Rockpox Corruptor is a Lithophage abomination that was created from the plague hearts that players were tasked with collecting during DRG season 3. These items have evolved into a horrifying monster that is invulnerable to conventional weaponry and has to be taken care of by using other means. As all of the events, this boss has a certain chance to appear randomly in the world, so be prepared for that during your expeditions.

How to Defeat Rockpox Corruptor in Deep Rock Galactic (DRG) - picture #1
Rockpox Corruptor with its yellow tumours in DRG

First step in defeating the boss is to call a Cleansing Pod. In the pod you will find two LithoFoams and two LithoVacs for all the dwarfs. The Rockpox Corruptor has yellow tumours covering its armour. Those are its weak spots. You will have to spray foam on them using LithoFoams and then suck it up using LithoVacs. Doing so will allow you to destroy the enemy’s outer shell making it susceptible to conventional damage.

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