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News video games 06 April 2023, 10:17

author: Kamil Kleszyk

Division 2 is Broken; Ubisoft Spoils Fun Again [UPDATE]

It looks like it's all business as usual at Ubisoft. The developers of Tom Clancy's The Division 2 have introduced a new update to the online shooter, which... broke the game. We suggest how to deal with it on your own.


Ubisoft appears to have resolved the crisis. The message from the publisher's support department on Twitter reveals that the problem with The Division 2 not launching has been fixed. Did it do so for everyone interested? We'll find out as the first comments come in.

"Hey there! Apologies for the issues earlier with Ubisoft Connect. This should be resolved now, but if you still have any problems, please let us know so we can help look into it further. Thank you!," reads the tweet

Original message

When devs at Ubisoft roll out an update, gamers tremble. This sounds a bit sarcastic, but given the recent patches from the team, it is not an overstatement.

  • Ubisoft has released an update to its Ubisoft Connect platform. There would be nothing unusual about it, were it not for the fact that after installing it, the shooter The Division 2 does not launch.
  • Unfortunately, the glitch is not an isolated incident. In Ubisoft's support center we see a flood of comments in which players complain about not being able to run the game.. The frustration of the community is compounded by the fact that the users see no response from company employees.

Send the player where the dev fears to thread

In view of Ubisoft's lack of response (their live chat system only works for two hours a day), some players are trying to deal with the situation on their own. One Twitter user, going by the handle Polishboy (whom we sincerely thank for the information), presented a way to temporarily circumvent the problem.

  • As we read in the post published by the user, in order to run The Division 2 we need to disable the Ubisoft Connect overlay in the game. However, the way has the disadvantage of not displaying invitations from other users. In such a case Polishboy advises that players connect with each other from within the game or join the fun through the launcher.

"Update: to make the game work, you need to disable the Ubisoft connect overlay in the game. To go multi, players need to connect in-game, but invites do not work. They are not show due to lack of the tab. You can either join in-game or separately via the launcher.

Ubisoft went dark on the forums and thanks to their brilliant new live chat system, working only TWO hours per day, people are stuck waiting for tickets. Luckily the players managed to get around it, otherwise it would be a mess. Still no statements or responses from Ubi on the forums."

But it's been done before...

It is worth recalling that this is not the first such slip-up by Ubisoft. Some time ago we reported that the developers responsible for The Division 2, while wanting to fix a problem with the game's localizations, rolled out an update that messed them up even more. Fortunately, this problem was resolved. Let's hope that also now - despite the lack of official announcements - the studio will fix the glitch fairly efficiently.

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Tom Clancy's The Division 2

Tom Clancy's The Division 2

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