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News video games 21 March 2019, 15:36

author: AlexB

Epic Games Store Titles Available on Humble Store

Humble announced cooperation with Epic Games. Humble Store and Humble Bundles will offer activation keys to games offered on Epic Games Store. What's more, we've learned that in total, the retailer has donated over $145 million to charity.

Yesterday's Epic Games conference at GDC 2019 has stirred quite a commotion in the industry. Among the stream of information provided by the company, there was an announcement that the American giant has established cooperation with the popular Humble website. This means that keys to the games offered on Epic Games Store will appear in Humble's store and Humble Bundle sets. Further details of this partnership are unknown at the moment.

Epic Games Store Titles Available on Humble Store - picture #1
What will come of the cooperation between Humble and Epic Games?

Moreover, Humble representatives boasted that since the beginning of the store's existence they have managed to raise more than 145 million dollars for charity. They also expressed the hope that cooperation with Epic Games will allow to increase the amounts donated to the most needy people around the world.

This information was accompanied by a declaration from Epic Games - the company does not want its platform to be completely "fenced out". The company assured that nobody will prevent the developers from selling keys to their games on other platforms. This is a response to the fears of some players that the U.S. company intends to jealously guard the production on the Epic Games Store to maximize profits.

Epic Games Store Titles Available on Humble Store - picture #2
Epic Games once again showed that it does not intend to take prisoners in the war on the digital distribution market.

The announcement of cooperation with Humble is a continuation of Epic Games' large-scale offensive, aimed at dominating the digital distribution market. Its other part is the constantly increasing list of games exclusive to Epic Games Store, the titles of which we have learned yesterday. These will include The Outer Worlds from Obsidian and productions from Quantic Dream studio, so far available only on PlayStation consoles. In addition, Deep Silver boasted that despite its exclusivity for a controversial platform Metro Exodus sells much better than Metro: Last Light (although no specific numbers were given).

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