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News video games 03 April 2020, 16:15

author: Adrian Werner

Escape from Tarkov - High Ping Will Eventually Kick You From the Server

Fans of Escape from Tarkov will finally see changes in the functioning of servers. From now on they will be kicking players with too high ping. Not only is this supposed to increase the gameplay comfort of EfT, but it should also reduce the number of cheaters.

Many EfT lovers have long asked for this change.

Battlestate Games has announced news that should please most fans of the FPS Escape from Tarkov. Today, a change will be introduced on the game servers that will cause people with pings over 250 to be kicked. The number is not fixed and is expected to change after the solution is tested by the EfT community.

What's important is that a momentary rise above the maximum value will not kick us from the server. This will only happen when our ping stays above the limit for a few seconds.

The change should increase the smoothness and comfort of online competition for most players. However, it may be problematic for people who want to play with friends from other continents.

On the official sub-reddit of Escape from Tarkov, players mostly seem to be satisfied with the developers' decisions. However, the reason is not only the desire to enjoy higher quality of gameplay. Many people hope that this will reduce the number of cheaters. Many of them seem to come from China. By introducing a ping limit, the residents of the country will have big problems with playing on American and European servers.

Last but not least, Escape from Tarkov is currently only available on PC. Gamers can test the game in closed beta-tests. To join them, we need to place a pre-order on the official website of the game. Currently there is a promotion underway, where the price of the standard edition has been reduced by 25% and amounts to EUR 26.24.

  1. Escape from Tarkov - official website

Adrian Werner

Adrian Werner

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