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News video games 20 July 2021, 17:46

author: Qskan

F1 2021 Update Temporarily Removes Ray Tracing From PS5 Version

The developers have decided to temporarily remove the ray tracing feature from the PS5 version of F1 2021. The decision is dictated by the need to improve the game's stability.

  1. The latest update for F1 2021 temporarily removes ray-tracing from the PS5 version;
  2. The developers' decision is dictated by the need to improve the game's stability on the platform.

The first post-release update for F1 2021 has brought an unpleasant surprise for PlayStation 5 owners. Patch 1.04 temporarily removes ray-tracing from the game. The developers decided to make this "difficult decision" in order to improve the game's stability. The patch is already available on PC, but no graphic options were blocked on that platform.

Ray-tracing is a technology that enables authentic recreation of lighting in games. It allows for the manipulation of light and shadow even outside the frame and the presentation of objects and phenomena in a more realistic way.

Codemasters promise that ray-tracing will return to the console version as soon as possible, and work is already underway on the next update. The problem seems to only exist on PS5, as ray-tracing is still present in the PC and Xbox Series X|S versions.

Update 1.04 also fixes some save file issues. Here are the full changes listed on the game's official website:

"Addressed an issue where users would experience a corrupt save if they edited their vehicle's livery from within the MyTeam HQ. Saves that were previously corrupted as a result of this bug will be able to be resumed after applying the patch.

PlayStation®5 only: We are aware of some instability within the game for a limited number of users on PS5 relating to Ray Tracing. As such, we have taken the difficult decision to temporarily disable it to aid stability. We aim to re-enable this as quickly as possible, and we will provide an update in due course."

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