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News video games 15 June 2023, 14:20

Fall of Porcupine - Atmospheric Adventure Game Launches

Fall of Porcupine, an adventure game reminiscent of the popular Night in the Woods, debuts on the market today. The game has received a launch trailer.

One of the games debuting on the market today is Fall of Porcupine, an atmospheric adventure game developed by independent German studio BUNTSPECHT.GAMES. The title, which brings to mind the warmly received Night in the Woods, also lived to see an atmospheric premiere trailer.

  1. You can purchase the PC version on Steam and At the time of writing this news, there are about four hours before it is unlocked in these stores. Its price is not yet known.
  2. In addition, the item has been released on PlayStation consoles (it costs $19.99, but PlayStation Plus subscribers get a 15% discount) and for the Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S. In addition, the title is coming to the Nintendo Switch console.

In Fall of Porcupine we play the role of Finley, a newly graduated doctor who started working at St. Ursula Hospital. The protagonist does everything to please the patients, but the situation becomes complicated when one of them vanishes.

  1. The game is characterized by a variety of gameplay, combining exploration, conversations, collecting items and overcoming various arcade challenges and solving puzzles. Sometimes we also have the opportunity to duel other characters.
  2. Fall of Porcupine enables you to shape the course of the story through the decisions you make. An interesting element is the sequences devoted to patient care, which are presented in the form of mini-games.
  3. Similar mini-games appear at other points in the gameplay, sometimes introducing elements typical of fighting games, such as life bars or special moves.
  4. Fall of Porcupine boasts eye-pleasing, two-dimensional graphics that delight with vivid colors.
Fall of Porcupine - Atmospheric Adventure Game Launches - picture #1

Fall of PorcupineSource: BUNTSPECHT.GAMES

  1. Fall of Porcupine - official website

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Fall of Porcupine

Fall of Porcupine

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