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News guides 23 April 2024, 04:17

author: Ewa Ichniowska

Fallout 4 in 2024 - Freedom Trail Code Puzzle

The Road to Freedom quest in Diamond City in Fallout 4 requires you to open a door with a code. We explain how to do it below.

Source: Bethesda Game Studios

Fallout 4 is enjoying renewed attention and an influx of players due to the success of the TV adaptation, as well as the upcoming release of the PS5 and XSX version of the game on April 25th. New fans are encountering puzzles that made gamers scratch their heads years ago, such as the Freedom Trail code puzzle, which is a part of the Road to Freedom quest in Diamond City. If you’re one of them, and you aren’t sure how to open the locked door, or if you need the reminder after returning to the game, read on.

Fallout 4 in 2024 - Freedom Trail Code Puzzle

The puzzle in question is found in the Old North Church, which you can find northeast of Boston Common. Enter the basement and progress through the catacombs to find a large, round dial made up of 3 concentric circles. The ring on the outside has floral symbols, while the middle one has the words THE FREEDOM TRAIL BOSTON on it. The wheel in the middle has a big symbol with a red arrow pointing upwards and can be pressed.

To open the door, you have to input a password by rotating the letters on the dial. The letter you’re registering has to be on top of the dial, lined up with the red arrow. Once you’ve positioned it correctly, press the button in the middle. Do it between each letter, not just at the end!

The password is RAILROAD. You can enter it selecting:

  1. The letters R A I L from the word trail in order,
  2. The letter R and then O from the word freedom,
  3. The letter A from the word trail,
  4. The letter D from the word freedom.

If you’ve input the whole code correctly, the door should open and you will be able to progress with the quest.