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News video games 15 April 2024, 04:01

author: Adrian Werner

Fallout TV Show Boosts Entire Game Series. Fallout Games With Major Spikes in Interest

The Fallout series caused a multi-fold increase in the activity figures of all games from the brand on Steam.

Source: Microsoft

The premiere of the Fallout TV series greatly benefited the games from this brand. On Steam, all installments recorded a large increase in activity.


Yesterday's activity record (number of players playing simultaneously on Steam):

Activity record for April 7th (Sunday):




Fallout 2



Fallout Tactics



Fallout 3 (including Game of the Year Edition)



Fallout: New Vegas (including PCR Edition)



Fallout 4



Fallout 76



* In the case of Fallout 2 and Fallout 76, yesterday's results are overall new activity records for these games.

The premiere of the TV series has significantly boosted the popularity of all games in the series, leading to a jump of several hundred percent. Fallout 4 benefited the most from this, which isn't surprising, as it is the latest installment of the series intended for single-player mode (Fallout 76, released later, is focused on multiplayer).

The ongoing sale of the Fallout series on Steam has helped achieve such good results, with prices of all games from this brand reduced by 75-80%. Similar promotions were also organized for console versions in the Microsoft Store and PlayStation Store.

  1. Fallout series sale on Steam
Fallout TV Show Boosts Entire Game Series. Fallout Games With Major Spikes in Interest - picture #1
Source: SteamDB.

Fallout 76 stands to benefit the most from this, with yesterday's result marking a new overall activity record for the game. The game was released in a terrible technical condition, but almost four years after the premiere, Bethesda studio managed to fix most of the problems and greatly improve this title. Today, it's a very cool online item, and many people who have returned to it because of the series will probably choose to stay in its world for a longer time.

It should be added here that Steam results don't fully reflect the popularity of Fallout 76. The game is available in Game Pass, and additionally, it is part of the gifts that Amazon Prime subscribers received this month. In this situation, the codes provided can only be used to unlock the title on or Xbox consoles.

It's worth noting that this isn't the first time a series premiere has led to a revival in the popularity of the games on which TV adaptations are based. In 2019, Netflix's The Witcher allowed The Wild Hunt to set a new activity record on Steam. Three years later, the Edgerunners anime greatly boosted Cyberpunk 2077's results. Meanwhile, last year, the HBO series The Last of Us caused a significant increase in sales of all games from this brand.

Adrian Werner

Adrian Werner

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