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News video games 21 June 2023, 14:25

author: Adam Adamczyk

Female V Didn't Know at First That She's Working on Cyberpunk 2077

Cherami Leigh, voice of the female V in Cyberpunk 2077, did not know at first what kind of game she was working on. The actress shared her thoughts on working with CD Projekt RED.

One of the strengths of Cyberpunk 2077 are the interestingly written characters. However, it's not about people like Johnny Silverhand, Panam or Judy, but about V herself/himself - depending on which gender you choose. Cherami Leigh, who voiced female V, talked about working on the character and shared some interesting facts.

Creative approach to work

Leigh gave a lengthy interview during her panel at Kawacon 2023 in March, during which she talked about her work. Although some time has passed since the event, it is worth quoting an excerpt about her work with CD Projekt RED and voice-over for female V.

The actress revealed that at first she didn't even know what game she was working on. In the beginning, she acted out scenes of conversation with characters such as Viktor Vector and Jackie. As she admitted, usually at such a stage after work she would go home and not think too much about what project she was taking part in, but in this case it did not give her peace of mind, so she decided to look online for any information. This directed her to the trailer for Cyberpunk 2077.

Interestingly, Gavin Drea providing voice to male V also did not know at first what project he was working on. The actress went on to say that in many games where you can choose the gender of the protagonist, the work of the voice actors goes so that if a title focuses on a male protagonist, then his voice lines are recorded by the actor first, and the actress must then adapt to the way the predecessor speaks during the recording. With games that place more emphasis on the female protagonist the procedure is reversed. In the case of work on Cyberpunk 2077 there was no such situation, thanks to which both Cherami and Gavin had a full field of play and were able to unleash their creativity.

When listening to the interview, it's hard not to notice that Cherami doesn't sound like V there, which only shows what a talented actress she is. Attention was also drawn to this by commentators, who had many words of praise for her very impressive portfolio.

Finally, it is worth recalling, V will be heard again in Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty, which will debut on September 26.

Adam Adamczyk

Adam Adamczyk

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