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News guides 02 July 2024, 02:26

FFXIV Dawntrail - How to Get Capybara Mount (Mehwapyarra)

If you were charmed by Mehwapyarra in Downtrail expansion to Final Fantasy XIV, here you will learn how to get this capybara looking mount.

Source: Final Fantasy XIV: Downtrail, Developer: Square Enix

The history of Final Fantasy series dates back to 1987. Throughout the years it romanced with many genres, yet predominantly it’s associated with RPG. So far, only two titles in this franchise allowed players to immerse themselves in huge multiplayer worlds – FFXI and FFXIV. Both games are up and running to this day, even though the first one was released more than 20 years ago. The latter has its 5th expansion pack, Downtrail, coming. Since glam is very important part of this production, the developers included many interesting additions to customise your avatar, not forgetting about means of transport. If you are interested in getting Capybara (or actually Mehwapyarra) mount, you have come to the right place.

How to obtain Capybara (Mehwapyarra) mount in FFIV

In our world, Capybaras are the largest living rodents, not big enough to ride them, though. In Final Fantasy XIV it doesn’t pose any problem, as in this game’s latest expansion it is possible to get Mehwapyarra mount. Obtaining it is rather straightforward, yet requires some work to be done first.

You can get mountable Capybara at Uah’shepya, a Viera seller that can be found in Solution Nine (X: 8.6, Y: 13.5). The mount comes at a special price. It requires an item called Ttokrrone Scale. 12 of them to be precise. The scales are dropped by The Serpentlord Seethes (X: 22.6, Y: 5.1), which is a special FATE (Full Active Time Event). However, this is a story on its own.

To make it spawn, it is required to complete the following chain of FATEs in Shaaloani zone:

  1. The Serpentlord Stirs (X:24, Y:31),
  2. The Serpentlord Speaks (X:29, Y:17),
  3. The Serpentlord Sires (X:21, Y:8),
  4. The Serpentlord Suffers (X:21, Y:8).

Completing all of them sadly does not guarantee spawning The Serpentlord Seethes. Bear in mind that all of the FATEs have to be finished on the same instance. Depending on your contribution you can get between 3 and 6 scales at once, so it is necessary to complete the FATE at least twice.

As daunting as it may sound, worry not as the chances are that there will be a lot of players hunting for those too, and willing to help, as usually in FFXIV community. Good luck and ride on!

Aleksander Kartasinski

Aleksander Kartasinski

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