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News video games 07 February 2024, 00:25

author: Maciej Gaffke

Final Fantasy XIV on Xbox to Require Game Pass, Doesn't Require PS Plus on PS5

Square Enix has announced that open beta testing of the MMORPG Final Fantasy XIV will begin on Xbox Series X and S in just over two weeks. At the same time, the developers announced that the full version of the game will require a Game Pass subscription, although PS Plus on PlayStation is not required.

Source: Square Enix

Square Enix has revealed the start date of Final Fantasy XIV open beta tests on Xbox Series X and S consoles. They will begin on February 21.

  1. Only new players who want to try this MMORPG for the first time will be able to take part in the tests.
  2. Fans who are already playing FF XIV will have to wait until its official release in May.
  3. To play on Xbox consoles, it will be necessary to connect your Microsoft account with your Square Enix profile.

The devs provided detailed instructions on how to prepare the console before the open beta. If you plan to participate in it, take a look at these tips.

Unfortunately, the developers also informed us about a less pleasant fact - to play the full version of FF XIV on XSX/S, you'll need an Xbox Game Pass subscription (Core or Ultimate variant).

  1. It's an unusual decision because even though Final Fantasy XIV is also accessible on PlayStation consoles, a comparable Sony subscription, PS Plus, isn't necessary for playing.
  2. This is important because the game also requires a Square Enix subscription. Xbox owners will therefore need to pay for two subscriptions. Unless Square Enix and Microsoft change their position, which is already under criticism.

You won't need an active Xbox Game Pass subscription to take part in the open beta tests.

  1. Final Fantasy XIV - official website

Maciej Gaffke

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