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News video games 18 June 2023, 20:16

author: Adrian Werner

Final Fantasy XVI Devs Apologize; Will Release Day Zero Patch

Contrary to the developers' promises, Final Fantasy XVI will receive a pre-release patch that is to fix several small bugs.

Final Fantasy XVI promises to be excellent, and it seems that the devs will succeed in keeping most of their promises to the fans. In one respect, however, they will not keep their word.

  1. The developers have informed that the first patch will debut before the game's release.
  2. The devs apologized for this, because back in May they promised that such an update will not be necessary.
  3. However, the patch is expected to weigh a mere 300 MB, so it's unlikely that anyone will hold it against the developers, especially since the update will improve performance and remove several bugs that in some situations could cause the game to crash.
  4. The patch will be implemented in the digital edition of the game before the release, so we won't have to download anything additional. A small problem will be faced by those who buy the boxed edition, but if they do not want to download this update, they should still have a good time, as even without this patch the game is expected to offer a high level of refinement.
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Source: Twitter.

Until recently, the game had aroused rather mixed feelings, but everything changed with the extensive demo made available last week, offering several hours of fun. It was received extremely enthusiastically and allayed most of the players' fears.

After the demo, the developers received a number of useful suggestions from the players and plan to implement many of them, although it is unclear whether this will happen in the first patch or later. We are to receive, among other things, the ability to configure or disable the motion blur effect and the option to modify camera work. Players are also to be able to reassign buttons on the gamepad.

Recall that Final Fantasy XVI will be released on June 22, exclusively on PlayStation 5. A PC release is also planned, but it is expected to debut at a later date.

  1. Final Fantasy XVI - official website

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Adrian Werner

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Final Fantasy XVI

Final Fantasy XVI

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