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News video games 07 July 2023, 15:28

author: Jan Kopacz

Final Fantasy XVI Update Eliminated Annoying Visual Glitch

Final Fantasy XVI has finally received the highly anticipated patch 1.03, which enables the players to adjust the motion blur effect.

Source: Square Enix

Square Enix has released update 1.03 for Final Fantasy XVI, the latest installment of the popular jRPG series.

  1. First of all, an option to change the intensity of the motion blur effect has appeared in the menu. By default it is set to 5, which is the maximum value. Now it can be lowered to reduce the strength of this effect, or set to 0 to get rid of it completely.
  2. Players can also disable the option to automatically center the camera on the player's character when moving and attacking.
  3. Devs increased the level of maximum camera sensitivity settings from 10 to 20, making it more responsive.
  4. Three new controller configurations have been added. Unfortunately, the option to freely configure buttons has still not been introduced.
  5. The patch also fixes an issue affecting the stability of some menu functions.
  6. Some problems with subtitles and texts have also been fixed.
  7. The game itself now adds the #FF16 hashtag when sharing screenshots or video clips on Twitter or YouTube.

These changes are very beneficial. The aggressive motion blur effect was one of the most criticized elements of the game. Tons of players were also annoyed by the auto-centering of the camera, especially during exploration.

Recall that Final Fantasy XVI was released on June 22, this year. The game is only available on PlayStation 5 for now, but there are plans for a future PC release.

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