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News video games 31 January 2024, 06:26

author: Jacob Blazewicz

Fired Blizzard Employee Walks Away With 10 Years of WoW Subscription

Adam Holisky is one of the individuals currently leaving Blizzard, but prior to his dismissal redeemed all the World of Warcraft subscription keys he had stacked over the years, which secured him nearly 10 years of subscription.

Source: Blizzard Entertainment / Microsoft.

The atmosphere in the Blizzard Entertainment studio is rather gloomy after the recent wave of layoffs. However, as a consolation before leaving, one of the dismissed Blizzard employees secured... nearly 10 years of World of Warcraft subscriptions.

Adam Holisky has been working for Blizzard for many years, most recently as the lead product manager associated with WoW, and previously gained recognition among Azeroth fans through BlizzardWatch - a platform dedicated to news about Blizzard games (which is still active). His twelve-year adventure with the site came to an end when the studio hired him in 2019.

Unfortunately, the dev was among many people fired from the company. Before receiving formal notice of termination, Holisky promptly used all the annual subscription codes for WoW that he was entitled to as a Blizzard employee. It seems that he kept some of them, and as a result the American can comfortably play until October 14, 2033, much to the delight of online users impressed by his actions (via X).

Fired Blizzard Employee Walks Away With 10 Years of WoW Subscription - picture #1
One of the laid-off WoW devs collected unused bonuses. Source: Adam Holisky / X.

To make it funnier, Holisky could even secure a longer subscription. However, when he was getting more keys during the meeting at the company, the code generating website crushed. Maybe he wasn't the only one to come up with this idea at the same time.

As you can see, Holisky isn't at all giving up on Blizzard games. However, the industry doesn't share the same sentiment. The developer predicts that he will most likely give up developing video games (and he's probably not the only one). Unless he comes across a "unicorn," as he straightforwardly referred to job offers that might appeal to him.

Jacob Blazewicz

Jacob Blazewicz

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