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Obliterating Life By You From Devs Perspective; „You Can Deliver More Than Expected and Still Have the Rug Pulled Two Weeks Before Launch”

Jacob Blazewicz, 19 June 2024, 06:11

The shutdown of the Life By You developers' studio didn't surprise a former employee, but he still wasn't thrilled with Paradox's sudden decision.

FromSoftware Head Goes Against the Grain and Doesn't Envision Mass Layoffs

Adrian Werner, 18 June 2024, 23:50

FromSoftware's CEO said he could not imagine carrying out the mass layoffs so popular in the game industry these days.

Embracer Group Dismissed More Than 4,500 Employees and Canceled 80 Games Within One Year

Adrian Werner, 24 May 2024, 05:37

Embracer Group finally completed the reductions. They were exceptionally far-reaching. More than forty development studios were gotten rid of and more than five thousand people were laid off.

Big Change at Top of Arrowhead, Studio Head Wants to Be Closer to Helldivers 2 Players. 'I Care More About Weapon Balance Than QBRs'

Kamil Kleszyk, 23 May 2024, 08:50

Surprising changes took place at the highest levels of authority at Arrowhead studio. The company's existing CEO, Johan Pilestedt, will be replaced by former Paradox Interactive business development director Shams Jorjani.

Take-Two Comments on Kerbal Space Program 2 Devs' Fate. Publisher Canceled Unannounced Games

Jacob Blazewicz, 17 May 2024, 05:10

Strauss Zelnick from Take-Two Interactive assures that the developers of Kerbal Space Program 2 and OlliOlli haven't been shut down. Gamers don't believe it.

Square Enix Revolutionizes Its Approach to Games. Japanese Are Done With 'Quantity,' Now Aiming for 'Quality' and 'Multiplatform'

Zuzanna Domeradzka, 14 May 2024, 01:17

Square Enix revealed a new publishing strategy for the coming years. The Japanese company wants to release its big-budget games on multiple platforms.

'It's No Longer Xbox, but Microsoft Gaming.' Brand Veterans Explain Recent Layoffs

Jacob Blazewicz, 10 May 2024, 06:22

Even before the announcement of more layoffs, Xbox veterans confirmed that Microsoft bosses have now begun to interfere more in the company's games division.

Industry Sympathizes With Hellblade 2 Devs; Also Expressing Concern for Fate of Doom, Avowed, and Psychonauts Creators

Jacob Blazewicz, 09 May 2024, 07:20

Following the sudden shutdown of Tango Gameworks, there are concerns about the fate of other Xbox studios. Journalist Jez Corden also has significant reservations about the actions of Microsoft, which is allegedly not very supportive of its teams.

'We Need Smaller Games That Give Us Prestige and Awards.' This Statement by Xbox Game Studios Head Surprised Not Only Hi-Fi Rush Devs

Jacob Blazewicz, 09 May 2024, 06:50

Matt Booty of Xbox Game Studios believes Microsoft needs small and high-profile games. Such as Hi-Fi Rush, whose developers were shut down as part of the recent wave of layoffs.

'He's a Good Human and He Cares Deeply for the Creative Process and Developers.' Former Blizzard CEO Defends Phil Spencer's Image

Jacob Blazewicz, 09 May 2024, 05:40

Mike Ybarra took to Phil Spencer's defense after Microsoft's recent layoffs, although he doesn't deny that the head of the gaming division is responsible for the Xbox situation.

Final Words From Redfall and Hi-Fi Rush Devs. After 2559 Days, Players Lost Hope for Prey 2 Announcement

Adrian Werner, 08 May 2024, 06:23

Arkane Austin and Tango Gameworks said goodbye to the studios after they were shut down by Microsoft. In turn, fans began to accept that Prey 2 will never be developed.

Microsoft Shut Down Bethesda's Hi-Fi Rush and Redfall Studios

Martin Bukowski, 08 May 2024, 03:05

Microsoft carried out layoffs at Bethesda-owned studios, while closing several of them, including the developers of Hi-Fi Rush and Redfall.

Refund Requests and Review Bombing Put Helldivers 2 Community Manager's Career at Risk

Jacob Blazewicz, 08 May 2024, 00:55

Helldivers 2 regained positive opinions on Steam, but the behavior of community managers continues to stir controversy.

Riot Games Fired Artist, After a Few Hours Outsourcing Company Approached Him With Offer to Make Skins for LoL

Zuzanna Domeradzka, 26 April 2024, 03:02

A concept graphic artist received a job offer to create skins for League of Legends from an outsourcing company after being fired by Riot Games. He claims this is part of the „unethical business practices” of large corporations.

Layoffs at Rockstar Games Owner, 2K and Private Division. Many Unannounced Games and Projects Canceled

Adrian Werner, 17 April 2024, 02:12

Take Two Interactive announced major layoffs. Several undisclosed projects were also deleted as part of the cost savings.

Dev of The Division and Avatar Will Design „Amazing Missions” in New James Bond Game

Kamil Kleszyk, 11 April 2024, 04:05

Rodrigo Santoro, a developer who previously worked on Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora, among others, has strengthened the ranks of IO Interactive studio. The Danish team, known for the Hitman series, is developing a new game about James Bond.

CoH3 Devs Facing Layoffs Once Again. Relic Is Trying to Survive in “Increasingly Volatile Industry”

Martin Bukowski, 05 April 2024, 06:00

Following its recent split with Sega, Relic Entertainment has announced more layoffs. This time 41 people have said goodbye to the studio.

Seismic Decisions at Sega. Relic Goes Independent, Layoffs at Creative Assembly

Kamil Kleszyk, 28 March 2024, 04:20

Relic Entertainment studio has parted ways with Sega. The developers of the Company of Heroes and Dawn of War series have set their sights on independence. The publisher also carried out layoffs at Creative Assembly studio.

„They're Horrible Greedy People.” Dwarf Fortress Dev Expresses His Dislike for Those Responsible for Mass Industry Layoffs

Jacob Blazewicz, 21 March 2024, 02:08

Even a dwarf lover like the developer of Dwarf Fortress thinks that those responsible for the layoffs are „horrible ” and „greedy people”.

„I Don't Have Anything Positive to Say About EA.” Battlefield 7 Director Comments on His Departure

Kamil Kleszyk, 16 March 2024, 05:46

Marcus Lehto, who recently ended his adventure with Electronic Arts, doesn't have a very good opinion of his former employers.

CEO of Starbreeze Had to Pay With His Job for Disastrous Payday 3 Launch

Maciej Gaffke, 13 March 2024, 03:40

Starbreeze studio has bid farewell to Tobias Sjögren. His dismissal is related to the poor launch of PayDay 3.

Under Microsoft’s Nose, Activision Employees Formed Largest Labor Union at Any U.S. Game Studio

Maciej Gaffke, 11 March 2024, 00:33

Activision employees agreed to form their labor union under Microsoft's banner. The Redmond giant has approved the operation of such an association within its structures.

Layoffs at EA. Mass Effect and Dragon Age Fans Have Nothing to Worry About

Kamil Kleszyk, 01 March 2024, 03:47

It looks like the scourge of layoffs affecting Electronic Arts won't torpedo work on the new installments of the Mass Effect and Dragon Age series.

EA Cancelled Mandalorian From the Devs of Star Wars Jedi. Publisher Lays off 670 Employees

Adrian Werner, 29 February 2024, 05:29

EA is cutting costs. The company has cancelled the Mandalorian FPS game that Respawn Entertainment studio was working on. It has also shut down the team developing the campaign of Battlefield 7.

$667 Million From Fans Didn’t Save Star Citizen Devs From Layoffs

Kamil Kleszyk, 29 February 2024, 00:52

The layoffs hasn't spared the developers of Star Citizen. The studio responsible for the most expensive game in history has parted ways with a number of employees, although it continues to recruit.

Sony Interactive Entertainment Has Some Bad News for Us. Layoffs Include Major Studios

Marcin Przala, 28 February 2024, 04:28

Sony is another video game giant that has carried out massive layoffs. The reduction included the company's largest studios, Naughty Dog and Insomniac Games.

Supermassive Games Fires 90 Developers

Maciej Gaffke, 27 February 2024, 06:07

The layoffs sweeping the industry have not spared Supermassive Games studio. The company, known for horror games like Until Dawn and The Quarry, has fired 90 employees.

Standalone Expansion to Disco Elysium Reportedly Binned. ZA/UM Hasn't Dodged Layoffs

Zuzanna Domeradzka, 16 February 2024, 00:44

The unannounced standalone addition to Disco Elysium was reportedly going to be deleted. Studio ZA/UM is also reportedly facing layoffs.

Devs of Helldivers 2 Aren't Slacking Off. They're Looking for New Employees

Jacob Blazewicz, 15 February 2024, 04:59

The Arrowhead Game Studios will expand to deliver new content faster for February's big hit, Helldivers 2.

Condemned WoW's Narrative Director Leaves Blizzard

Jacob Blazewicz, 14 February 2024, 03:36

Steve Danuser has confirmed that he is no longer the narrative director of World of Warcraft, which by no means upset most Azeroth fans.

Game Dev Too Risky. Developers Comment Mass Layoffs

Jacob Blazewicz, 14 February 2024, 00:22

Massive layoffs in the industry are only partially the result of an overextended market in times of pandemic. According to devs, game development has become expensive and risky.

Microsoft Faces Complaints Over Activision Blizzard Takeover

Jacob Blazewicz, 09 February 2024, 01:13

The Federal Trade Commission has issued a complaint against Microsoft. According to the FTC, the announcement of mass layoffs conflicts with the company's statements during a trial prior to its purchase of Activision Blizzard.

Homeworld 3 Delayed; Demo Available on Steam

Hubert Sledziewski, 08 February 2024, 05:47

The highly anticipated strategy game Homeworld 3 has scored a slip almost at the last straight before its release. The game will be released about two months later than scheduled.

Cyberpunk 2077 Sequel Team Grows and Hires Veterans

Zuzanna Domeradzka, 07 February 2024, 04:38

CD Projekt Red studio has shared new news about the sequel to Cyberpunk 2077. The team working on the Orion project has expanded to include several veterans.

Fired Blizzard Employee Walks Away With 10 Years of WoW Subscription

Jacob Blazewicz, 31 January 2024, 06:26

Adam Holisky is one of the individuals currently leaving Blizzard, but prior to his dismissal redeemed all the World of Warcraft subscription keys he had stacked over the years, which secured him nearly 10 years of subscription.

Layoffs at WoW Developer to Affect Story Teams

Jacob Blazewicz, 30 January 2024, 09:25

Microsoft's layoffs have not spared Blizzard. Among the employees laid off are those responsible for the plot and story of World of Warcraft and Overwatch.

New Deus Ex From Eidos Montreal Binned After 2 Years of Pre-prod

Maciej Gaffke, 30 January 2024, 05:04

Embracer Group is said to have deleted the project of a new game in the Deus Ex series, which had been in development for two years. Journalist Jason Schreier also reports layoffs at Eidos Montreal.

Blizzard With New Boss: Johanna Faries, Former Manager of Call of Duty

Kamil Kleszyk, 30 January 2024, 04:09

After former CEO Mike Ybarra bid farewell to Blizzard, Johanna Faries will take over the reins at the corporation. Until now, she has been associated with Activision and the Call of Duty brand.

Microsoft Layoffs Commented by Industry. 2024 Could be Black Year

Jacob Blazewicz, 26 January 2024, 06:16

Microsoft alone just fired as many developers as the industry in general had by mid-2023. Lay-offs included Call of Duty developers and Activision Blizzard's physical editions and customer service departments, as well as others.

Microsoft Lays Off Whopping 1900 People from Activision and Xbox. Even Head of Blizzard Included

Zuzanna Domeradzka, 25 January 2024, 14:46

Major layoffs reported at Microsoft. As many as 1900 people from Bethesda, ZeniMax, Activision Blizzard and Xbox will lose their jobs.

Riot Games Lays Off Staff, Switches to Multiplayers Exclusively

Adrian Werner, 23 January 2024, 02:50

Layoffs in the game industry have not skipped Riot Games studio. Several hundred people will be sacked. To make matters worse, Riot Forge will be closed.

Key The Sims 4 Dev Leaving EA Maxis, Gamers Celebrate

Zuzanna Domeradzka, 18 January 2024, 00:34

Grant Rodiek has announced his departure from EA Maxis. Fans of The Sims series are surprised by some news surrounding the developer known for his controversial statements.

The Witcher 3's Lead Quest Designer Joins Polish Team to Develop Dark RPG

Maciej Gaffke, 12 January 2024, 07:20

Mateusz Tomaszkiewicz, another former employee of CD Projekt Red, has joined the Rebel Wolves studio. The experienced developer will take the position of creative director at the company, which was established two years ago.

'There's Too Many Games Right Now;' Nacon CEO on Modern Industry Problems

Adrian Werner, 12 January 2024, 01:15

People from Nacon, the publisher of RoboCop: Rogue City, among others, talked about what they think is the biggest problem in the industry right now and how they are dealing with it.

Twitch’s Big Problems. The Largest Gaming Streaming Service Will Lay Off up to 35% of Its Staff (Rumor)

Adam Adamczyk, 10 January 2024, 07:10

According to information circulating online, Twitch plans to lay off about 35% of its workforce. This represents roughly 500 people.

Big Layoffs at Unity Continue a Trend That Exploded in 2023

Adrian Werner, 09 January 2024, 05:50

The topic of layoffs in the game industry unfortunately hasn't left us in 2024. The latest company to announce major job cuts is Unity.

TikTok Owner Ends Its Gaming Adventure; Talks With Chinese Giant

Kamil Kleszyk, 09 January 2024, 05:46

ByteDance, which owns TikTok, is negotiating with Tencent to resell its gaming assets. This is the aftermath of the company's restructuring plan.

Wave of Industry Layoffs Continues; One-third of Surgeon Simulator and I Am Bread Devs Lost Their Jobs

Michal Harat, 07 January 2024, 16:03

British developer Bossa Studios, responsible for Surgeon Simulator and I Am Bread, among others, reported that the company had experienced layoffs at the end of 2023. Nineteen people lost their jobs.

End of Versus Evil, Publishee of Pillars of Eternity 2 and Broken Roads

Adrian Werner, 24 December 2023, 15:26

Versus Evil, the publisher of Pillars of Eternity 2 and the upcoming Broken Roads, among others, has announced that it will be shut down. Behind the decision is most likely its owner, tinyBuild.

Bobby Kotick to Leave Activision Blizzard in 9 Days; Microsoft Announces Reorganization

Jacob Blazewicz, 21 December 2023, 07:43

We know the day Bobby Kotick will step down as head of Activision Blizzard, and we know who from Microsoft will oversee the publisher's studios.