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News guides 15 May 2023, 13:55

author: Adam Adamczyk

For The King 2 Cross Platform and Crossplay Explained

In this guide you will learn whether For the King 2 can receive cross platform and Crossplay features. We also explained the differences between the two.

For the King 2 is a warmly received game combining roguelike and turn-based strategy, presented in isometric view. The game is praised, among other things, for its pleasant visuals and satisfying gameplay. In this guide, we explain what cross platform and crossplay features are, and whether they can make their way into For the King 2.

Cross Platform

Cross Platform means that a given game is available on different hardware platform, meaning, for example, on PC, PlayStation or Xbox consoles. Quite a few titles offer cross-platform play, but note that cross platform and crossplay are not the same thing.

Crossplay is a feature that enables two or more people to simultaneously play together on different platforms. This means, for example, that a person running a title on PC can play online with someone who has the same game on a PlayStation, Xbox or other device.

Cross Platform and Crossplay in For the King 2

At the moment, it is not known whether For the King 2 will receive crossplay. However, it may be a consolation for many gamers that the previous installment got such a feature available to Steam and Epic Games Store customers some two years after its release.

The situation is similar for cross platform features. The first part of the game was also available exclusively on PC at first, but after about a year it got a version for other platforms, namely PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

It is therefore highly likely that For The King 2 will receive crossplay over time and will be available on different platforms.

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