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News video games 28 February 2022, 13:13

Gabe Newell Delivers Some Steam Decks Personally

When you ordered a Steam Deck, you certainly didn't expect that it could be delivered to you by Valve's chief Gabe Newell - and with an autograph. Where's the catch? You have to be living in Australia.

Steam Deck, which debuted last Friday, has made its way to its first customers. Most of them had the device delivered by courier. Some, however, received the package from the hands of Gabe Newell himself. The head of Valve handed the autographed devices to several Reddit users living in Australia. Interestingly, one of them - bitfidler0 - went skiing with friends, so his Steam Deck was picked up by his wife. As you can probably guess, the woman had no idea who the long-haired, bearded man in glasses and a mask was.

Source: Reddit.

Gabe Newell delivers Steam Decks

Another Internet user - SeattleRainPidgeons - claims he was packing his belongings in his car when he spotted the camera crew. One of his roommates supposedly recognized Gabe Newell among its members, delivering a Steam Deck to a neighbor's house. When another person living with them also identified Valve's executive, the group was said to have greeted him with the phrase "Hi, Gabe!". The man then reportedly asked how many people lived in the house, then handed each one an autographed Steam Deck - even though none of them had ordered the device.

Gabe Newell Delivers Some Steam Decks Personally - picture #2
Source: Reddit.

SeattleRainPidgeons shared the above photo as proof that he does indeed own Valve's new device. The Reddit user argues that cameras captured all the action and the footage will likely be used to advertise Steam Deck.

The signature in the photo actually resembles the signature used by Gabe Newell - we saw it in 2014 thanks to a certain John Hancock, who asked the head of Valve for an autograph (see: screenshot below). So everything points to the fact that we are dealing with a one-time promo action. And although it's unlikely that Gabe Newell will suddenly start delivering Steam Decks on a regular basis, we must admit that he made a very nice and unexpected gesture.

Gabe Newell Delivers Some Steam Decks Personally - picture #3
Source: Reddit.

Steam Deck with first reviews

And how does Valve's portable computer fare in the first tests? For more information I refer you to Digital Foundry's review. As a reminder I will also add that tomorrow will see the release of Aperture Desk Job, an app designed to enable us to thoroughly test all the features of the device.

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