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News video games 29 September 2022, 18:43

author: Agnes Adamus

Grounded - Tips and Tricks

If you are planning to begin your adventure with Grounded then here are 5 tips for getting started. They will make it easier for you to start your survival adventure.

A few days ago, the full version of Grounded has been released. You can test this title as part of Game Pass subscription. If you decide to play, below you will find tips useful in the early stages of the game.

Ensure you have access to food and water

The foundation of survival in Grounded is to ensure constant access to water and food. In the early stages of the game, you will have to rely heavily on what you can find. To quench your thirst, dew will work best. These are drops of water attached to the top layer of grass.

As for sustenance, on the other hand, its best source is Aphids. These are player-neutral, small green worms. When you kill them you get Aphid Honeydew and Raw Aphid Meat. Both of these can be eaten, but in the case of meat, it must be roasted first.

The higher you are located the better

Being at altitude will make your gameplay much easier. First of all, it will guarantee your safety during combat. This is because many dangerous creatures, such as spiders, will not be able to get to you. In addition, being at altitude will enable you to discover many important landmarks. Thus, you will be able to determine exactly where you need to go.

The optimal option is also to establish a base on some flat and high ground. An example of such a point could be the trunk of a felled tree.

Don't be afraid to run

Combat in Grounded is not always a good option. This is because it may happen that you will encounter an opponent much stronger than you. In such a case, continuing the skirmish may end tragically for you. Therefore, it is sometimes worth letting go and retreating to a safe place.

Learning is the key

An important role in the gameplay is played by analyzing found objects. A total of 14 field stations have been placed in the game world. These are small white tents where you can scan found resources and unlock crafting schemes. However, you must keep in mind that this is limited to a certain extent. Each station has a specific power supply, which enable you to analyze only three items at a time. To examine more samples you must wait or go to another station.

Avoid spiders

Spiders are the most powerful type of enemies in the game. They are fast and can very easily attack you from the back. In the initial stages of the game you will have quite weak weapons, which will work well only against the easiest opponents. An encounter with even the most primitive representative of arachnids will be a huge threat to you.

Also in the later stages of the game, spiders can do a lot of damage. A great example of this is the cave-dwelling Black Widow, which is immune to all types of damage found in the game.

Agnes Adamus

Agnes Adamus

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