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News video games 16 February 2024, 03:24

author: Adrian Werner

Probable Xbox Exclusives Coming to PS5 Revealed

Microsoft intends to port four exclusive titles to rivals' consoles. Among them are to be two large network productions and two small gems.

Source: Microsoft

Yesterday, in a special episode of the Official Xbox Podcast, Microsoft revealed its plans for the further development of Xbox. These turned out to be much less radical than some fans feared. The corporation has no intention of giving up the manufacturing of its own consoles nor creating exclusive titles. However, it was announced that four games from the Redmond giant will be released on competitive hardware platforms (implicitly: PS5 and Switch). No specific titles were named, but The Verge learned about them through trusted sources at Microsoft. These are:

  1. Hi-Fi Rush
  2. Pentiment
  3. Sea of Thieves
  4. Grounded

This aligns with what Phil Spencer talked about in the mentioned podcast. Although he didn't provide specific titles, he stated that two of them would be smaller productions, and the rest would be games focusing on network gameplay. The list revealed by The Verge editors fits these descriptions.

Microsoft does not intend to transfer all of its exclusive titles to rival consoles. It is known that, at least for now, there are no such plans for Starfield and Indiana Jones and the Great Circle.

However, it's obvious it will not end with these four games. The Verge's sources claim that the company was considering porting Microsoft Flight Simulator and the Gears of War series to other consoles, as well as the upcoming new installment of the Doom series, but no decisions have been made regarding this matter yet.

  1. Microsoft - official website

Adrian Werner

Adrian Werner

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