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News video games 31 March 2023, 14:28

author: Adam Adamczyk

Smalland vs Grounded - Which is Better for You?

Smalland and Grounded are seemingly very similar games. How do they differ? How are they similar? And which one is better for you? Lear more about that here.

Smalland arrived on Steam on March 20, 2023 and is currently in the early access phase, in which, according to the developers, it will remain for a period of between 6 to 12 months. The game is very popular and is often compared to Grounded. We wanted to highlight the similarities and differences between these two.

What are the similarities?

Smalland vs Grounded - Which is Better for You? - picture #1
Grounded above, Smalland below
  1. Graphics – although Smalland puts a little more emphasis on realism in terms of graphics, both games are characterized by a very colorful world and character models that are somewhat reminiscent of Pixar films.
  2. Enemies – both in Smalland and Grounded, will be fighting giant insects. In Grounded, the size difference is much greater than in Smalland, but the concept remains the same.
  3. Survival – both games emphasize survival. This means the games feature crafting systems, or the ability of building a shelter.
  4. Multiplayer – both Grounded and Smalland enable you to play online, and in both cases, this gameplay mode makes the gameplay more diverse, and thus, more enjoyable. However, if you prefer solo gameplay, you can also do that in both of them.

What are the differences?

  1. Insect interactions – in Grounded, large insects are very dangerous and pose a threat to the player. In Smalland we also fight them, but here, we can also try to tame some of them, for example, to use them as mounts.
  2. Weather – in Smalland weather conditions play a significant role because they affect the aspect of survival. At night, the temperature drops and the player must find a way to stay warm. There are also storms, which require us to find shelter.
  3. Story – in Grounded, our character was shrunk by a certain scientist and must learn to survive in a new, dangerous environment. In the case of Smalland, our character is not a human, but an elf-like creature whose task is to find a cure for their queen.
  4. PlatformsSmalland is currently in early access and is PC-exclusive. Grounded, on the other hand, is available on PC, Xbox X&S and Xbox One.

Which one to choose?

If you want a more polished production and you play on Xbox, Grounded will be the natural choice. Smalland, on the other hand, may appeal to people who care more about exploration, shelter building and survival aspects.

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