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News video games 24 August 2022, 15:43

author: Sebastian Grys

Guild Wars 2 Failed to Win Over Players on Steam; Account Problems Contributed

Guild Wars 2 shot up in popularity with its launch on Steam, but users of Valve's platform have recoiled since. New and old players have reason to complain.

Guild Wars 2 debuted on Steam on August 23, 2022, and on this occasion quite a few players decided to return to the game. In August the title maintained a steady daily number of 300 thousand active users - the day after its release on Valve's platform, this number rose to almost one million.. Meanwhile, record number of players on Steam is only 3,000, and this is likely due to the inability to connect an existing account to the platform. Fans do not want to play from scratch and buy the DLCs again, while new potential players complain about the game's style and character appearance.

"All the high level characters look ridiculous. Everyone has wings and everything has a glow effect applied. It looks like being at a hardcore party in the middle of a slum in a medieval village. Aesthetically TESO looks much better. It just looks like everyone is made of Chinese fireworks," writes one reviewer on Steam

Steam has a lot to offer when it comes to MMO games, sobreaking through on this platform can be a difficult task for the decade-old Guild Wars 2. Most players agree with the reviewer, but at the same time find the gameplay interesting enough to stay with the game for longer.

"I agree with him 100%.

But I still play the game, it is very good," writes Reddit user ScarReincarnated

Statistics show that a significant portion of players on Steam simply rebound from Guild Wars 2, while veterans stayed with their old accounts.

"A solution to the problem of linking an account to the Steam platform has already been found. Those interested can check this message for a workaround to the problem.

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