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News video games 16 August 2022, 17:12

Guild Wars 2 Release Date on Steam

We got to know the exact release date of Guild Wars 2 on Steam. The first hints about it appeared back in 2020. Users of Valve's platform will be able to play GW2 soon.

  • Guild Wars 2 will hit Steam on August 23.
  • The game continues to enjoy tremendous popularity, which is likely to become even greater soon.

Despite being 10 years old Guild Wars 2 remains a very popular MMO, gathering a ton of fans around it. In turn, it will soon become even more accessible to many players, as ArenaNet Inc.'s game will debut on Steam on August 23, this year. The game works without a subscription, On Twitch, in turn, there will be no shortage of drops - the first series will take place from August 23-28.

Guild Wars 2 coming soon to Steam

There have been quite a few MMO games on Steam recently. Suffice it to mention New World or Lost Ark, which at one point enjoyed really huge popularity. Apparently the hunger for games of this kind is quite high among gamers.

Sometimes, however, it is good to return to the classics, which certainly include Guild Wars 2. Across 10 years of operation, the game has accumulated a large group of loyal fans who constantly visit their favorite servers.

According to estimates from August, more than 300,000 people regularly logged into the game. And soon this number may increase even more, as the release on Steam will make it easier for many people to access the title.

Fans of the genre who have not yet had a chance to play Guild Wars 2 should definitely take an interest in the said title. It is considered one of the best representatives of the genre, and at the time of its release this was confirmed by numerous enthusiastic reviews.

In turn, over the years, the developers have not stopped enriching the game with new content, making it difficult to get bored here. The latest expansion for Guild Wars 2, namely End of Dragons, debuted in February this year, and some time ago the developers confirmed, that another one is planned. It is worth noting that the game will also be available for purchase on Steam in a Complete Edition, which will include the base game, three expansions (Heart of Thorns, Path of Fire, End of Dragons) and the contents of five seasons of Living World. The price for this package is a bit over $100.

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