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News video games 22 February 2021, 18:14

author: Jacob Blazewicz

Half-Life 2 Lambda Wars Released. Here's How You Battle the Combine in RTS

Half-Life 3 remains a myth, but we still have an excuse to return to the series. What excude, you ask? Well, version 1.0 of the free mod Lambda Wars was release on Steam.

Half-Life fans are used to long waiting. Jokes about Half-Life 3 being "confirmed" have already made their way into online mythology, and fans have had to wait nearly 13 years for a new game in the series. The same amount of time passed before the full version of Lambda Wars, a standalone Alien Swarm mod set in the Half-Life universe, saw the light of day. The game is now available for free on Steam in version 1.0.

Lambda Wars is a real-time strategy in which we side with the Resistance or the Combine (there's also a third playable faction, but only in sandbox mode) across multiple online modes or single-player skirmishes and missions. As the mod has received Valve's blessing, it features faithfully reproduced units, buildings and other elements known from the Half-Life universe.

The mod originally hit Steam in 2014 as part of the now-defunct Steam Greenlight program, nearly 7 years after work on the title began. However, Lambda Wars officially remained in beta until last Saturday, which was partly due to the fact that the developers treated it as a "passion project" (read: they weren't raising funds for the game's development). Not that it spoiled the fun for players, at least judging by the positive reviews on Steam. Version 1.0 introduces a lot of fixes, but also modifies models for some units and buildings. There are also new structures and troops, including heavy infantry for both sides.

Jacob Blazewicz

Jacob Blazewicz

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