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News video games 13 January 2023, 13:37

author: Adrian Werner

Huge Leak at Valve; Tons of Half-Life 2, Portal, TF2 and CS Data

A truckload of files from early versions of Half-Life 2, Team Fortress 2 and many other of Valve studio's biggest hits have been leaked to the web.

A huge set of game data from Valve has leaked online, containing footage from early versions of such productions as Half-Life 2 (along with Episode One and Episode Two), Team Fortress 2, Day of Defeat: Source, Portal or Counter-Strike: Source.

  1. For now, the most progress is recorded in analyzing files for TF2. There is more than 60 GB of them and it includes 20 unreleased maps, alternative skins for many weapons or female playable character models.
  2. The files come from Valve's program, where various versions of files were stored during game development. The studio lightly granted access to it not only to its own developers, but also to modders and other companies. In 2016, some of this data began to leak and Valve restricted access. Now virtually everything that was on those servers at the time has been uploaded to the web.
  3. There are not many previously unknown versions in the files. People who were hoping, for example, for an early version of HL2: Episode Three will therefore be disappointed.
  4. However, the leak has a good chance of turning out to be a real gift from the heavens for Valve's game fans, as they have large and very active modding community that will most likely use the files to create their own projects. Valve is remarkably relaxed about such modifications and tolerates, among other things, a ton of productions recreating the beta version of Half-Life 2, which are based on elements from data stolen from the studio's servers in 2003.

It's worth mentioning that this is not the only big leak related to Valve in recent weeks. A week ago, a playable, very early version of the unreleased Terror Strike project was leaked, which was developed by Turtle Rock. This game eventually turned into Left 4 Dead.

The last month in general has been an incredibly fruitful period for fans of such leaks. Early versions of such games as Horizon: Forbidden West, Duke Nukem 3D: Reloaded. Rayman 4, Prey, Halo 3, Duke Nukem 4, Mortal Kombat 2 or Doom 64 have surfaced on the web.

  1. Valve - official website

Adrian Werner

Adrian Werner

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