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News Files and Mods 04 April 2022, 12:16

author: Adrian Werner

This Half-Life: Alyx Mod Looks so Good It Could be Official

A stunning trailer for Half-Life: Alyx Levitation mod has appeared online. It will enrich the game with a new story campaign.

There are many indications that Valve has given up investing in VR games. Fortunately, there are still fans who create mods. How much they can achieve is shown by the recently released trailer for a mod called Levitation.

The project will enrich Half-Life: Alyx with a new story campaign, providing about 4-5 hours of fun. In it, we will follow the trail of resistance members who disappeared, exploring a mysterious levitating building in Sector.

The trailer is very impressive, and the scenes seen in it seem to match the quality of the levels from the base game.

What is important, we will not have to wait long for the mod. The release of Half-Life: Alyx Levitation will take place in the third quarter of 2022. The project will be distributed for free through Steam Workshop.

Works on modifications of this type are welcome, because HL: Alyx remains the best VR game on the market and it does not seem that in the coming years something else can come close to this level. Valve does not seem interested in further investment in projects of this type, so further development of this gem fell on the shoulders of modders.

Not only Half-Life: Alyx Levitation

Levitation isn't the only notable mod for Half-Life: Alyx. Another recently released project is Return To Rapture, which takes the action to the underwater city from the BioShock series. Another interesting project is the Gunman Contracts series, inspired by gangster movies. In turn, the upcoming Half Life: Incursion will offer a series of arenas where we will have to fight against waves of enemies.

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