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News video games 22 June 2022, 13:38

author: Miriam Moszczynska

He Asked Riot to Remove a Character From His LoL Account And it Worked

Riot Games support helps players in the strangest situations. One of them is when a user dislikes a character so much that they want that character to disappear from their account.

Some characters in League of Legends are not necessarily suited for matches played on Howling Abbys. One player shared his story from a few years ago when, as an avid ARAM fan, he couldn't stand one of his characters.

Get rid of Alistar

StirredEggs contacted Riot Games after he picked up Alistar for free using a promotional link. He had been forced to play as the character several times in the ARAM mode, where tanks, or short-range characters, tend not to perform well.

So he asked Riot to remove the minotaur from his collection of champions. What's interesting, he didn't have to wait long for the response - only two days. Of course, the procedure required proper confirmation, whether it's really his account, etc., but Riot Games support department easily removed the character.

He Asked Riot to Remove a Character From His LoL Account And it Worked - picture #1
Source: Reddit

But wait, there's more

Players in the comments under the post shared their own similar stories. One of them described how he bought his friend Sona as a gift, which the receipient hated. This happened twice and in both cases, after explaining the situation, Riot Games revoked the "gift".

Similar incidents also occurred with LoL community's beloved Teemo. Players also repeatedly asked the developers to remove this character from their accounts, because in the end Teemo, is Teemo. No need to explain more.

The comments also mention Garen, Urgot, Ezreal or Seraphine. As you can see, Riot Games approaches the subject of removing characters from players' accounts without issues, whenever it is necessary.

And don't forget the refunds!

Finally, it is worth noting that in addition to contacting Riot Games the purchase of characters can be undone in another way. Namely, with the help of returns in the store LoL client. Each player gains one return token every year (you can have a maximum of three), through which we can get back the currency (RP or BE) for:

  1. Characters
  2. Emotes
  3. Custom Colors
  4. Skins
  5. Totem skins
  6. Color Packs
  7. Pages with runes
  8. Summoner icons
  9. Summoner name change

You can read more on the refund policy in LoL on the official website, dedicated to this topic .

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