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News guides 08 February 2024, 05:56

author: Damian Gacek

Helldivers 2 - Failed to Join Lobby and Quickplay Problems Explained

Players have issues with Quickplay in Helldivers 2 right now, the problem is serious.

Source: Helldivers 2, developer: Arrowhead Game Studios

Do you like Starship Troopers franchise? If the answer is yes, you may want to test Helldivers 2. It is a new TPP game, which seems to be inspired by this series. Players have to protect humanity by killing giant bugs. What is more, they are encouraged to do so by cheesy propaganda movies and slogans. Thousands of players are enjoying the title right now, but some can’t because of crashes. Even if you can play, it seems that Quickplay is also not functioning. Let’s talk about it.


Below you will find the latest official statement from Arrowhead CEO published by developers on the official Discord channel:

Hey everybody!

It's been a bit of crisis mode in the studio today therefore I have not been as active as I would have liked. We are seeing the matchmaking issues as well as some of the unfortunate stuck och login screen / crashes.

I just wanted to let you all know we're working as hard as we can on resolving these, the volume of players exposed some shenanigans in the system that went past many, many, many hours or testing.

We have tried resolving it on the backend only but it seems like we will have to patch the game to resolve the issue. Sorry for this and thank you for your patience.

For now I recommend to team up with people from the community as joining friends work fine.

I hope you are enjoying the experience once you get into the game.

Helldivers 2 - Failed to Join Game Lobby and Quickplay Problems Explained

Right now many people report various issues with Helldivers 2. One of the most problematic ones is an error with lobby and Quickplay mode. Players can’t join matches. There is nothing you can do right now.

However, developers are aware of the problem. On the official Discord server, we can find that information.

Hey everyone! Mikael here, Game Director of HD2. We are aware that there's an issue that shows up when you hit Quickplay and the game attempts to matchmake. We are on it and attempting a fix as soon as we can. We'll update you all here as soon as we have something concrete.

Taking this into consideration, we should expect that the fix will be published soon.

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