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News movies & tv series 24 February 2021, 19:14

author: Karol Laska

Henry Cavill Teases a Secret Project? Looks Like It's Mass Effect

Henry Cavill bragged on social media about his photo suggesting work on the next project. Members of our editorial team have determined that it is most likely Mass Effect - this is suggested by the piece of text visible in the photograph.

  1. Henry Cavill shared a photo on Instagram, announcing a mysterious project with his participation;
  2. Thanks to the efforts of our editorial colleagues, we managed to decipher the blurred text in the photo - it's an excerpt from the Wikipedia entry for Mass Effect 3 .

Henry Cavill, our beloved Geralt from Netflix's The Witcher and Superman from Snyder's DC films, posted a mysterious photo on Instagram today (you'll find it above), in which he can be seen in a make-up room holding sheets of paper - unfortunately with the text completely blurred. The actor hinted in the photo's description that he was preparing for a new project. What exactly? Well, we have an idea.

It's all thanks one of our colleagues, who, using the right program (Focus Magic), got rid of the annoying blur from the photo, enabling us to deciphere the text. The result is surprising to say the least, as we can make out words like "Cerberus", "Reaper", "Geth" or "Tali'Zorah". Those who are more observant probably already know what it's about, so I won't keep the rest of you in suspense - Cavill is holding in his hand a text connected with the Mass Effect series.

Our little investigation suggests that it's a script, or at least a preliminary draft for a film or TV series project connected with this popular BioWare brand. This time, however, another member of the editorial staff was perceptive, as he noticed that Cavill was probably reading a text copied from the English Wikipedia entry about Mass Effect 3. Here are its contents:


Spoilers from the Mass Effect series follow, beware.

"Following the events on Tuchanka and a failed coup by Cerberus to take over the Citadel, the quarians offer their support to the Alliance if Shepard helps them reclaim their homeworld, Rannoch, from the geth. Assisted by a quarian, either Tali'Zorah or Admiral Daro'Xen, Shepard boards a geth dreadnought and rescues a captive geth unit, either Legion or a facsimile occupied by a geth virtual intelligence (VI), then disables the Reaper control signal over the geth."

Let's be honest - it's not a coincidence that Cavill photographed those pieces of paper, as he himself suggested in the post's description that they were very important. He simply didn't expect that inquisitive internet users would use superior technology to decipher the blurred content. So are we going to get a TV series or movie adaptation of Mass Effect? It sure looks that way. And considering the fact that Cavill played the aforementioned game series, it's even more likely. There are no official announcements, so for now we can only hope for the best.

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Karol Laska

Karol Laska

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