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News video games 30 September 2019, 14:40

author: Konrad Serafinski

Here are Characters of The Last of Us Part 2 as LEGO Figures

Adam J. Middleton, a conceptual artist from Weta Workshop, has created graphics presenting the characters from The Last of Us: Part II in LEGO version. The fans would give a lot to make this vision come true.

LEGO: The Last of Us would be something beautiful.

A player's life is, to some extent, the life of a dreamer. We play as fictioanl characters and experience other people's stories in their skin. However, there are moments when we dream of something that is technically possible, but highly unlikely to happen (unfortunately). An example of this is the work of Adam J. Middleton, a concep artist from Weta Workshop, a company that produces special effects and props for films and TV shows. The artist publishes his works on ArtStation. One of his latest works are graphics depicting the characters of The Last of Us: Part II in LEGO version. Below you can see his vision.

It is worth noting that these are not all the works by the artist that try to transfer ambitious works of fiction into "brick reality". Here you can find other graphics by Adam J. Middleton, including ideas from Django, Blade Runner 2049 or Lord of the Rings. If only half of these dreams came true...

  1. Adam J. Middleton on ArtStation
  2. The Last of Us: Part II - official website
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