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News video games 02 February 2024, 06:54

author: Adrian Werner

Hi-Fi Rush, Unexpected 2023 PC and Xbox Hit, May Be Coming to PS5 After All

Fresh reports suggest that, contrary to earlier speculation, the blockbuster Hi-Fi Rush may nevertheless live to see a PlayStation 5 version as well.

There have been recent rumors about Microsoft and Bethesda Softworks planning to port Hi-Fi Rush to other platforms. There are additional reports that have surfaced regarding this matter, which appear to confirm it.

  1. Players discovered some interesting data in the recently released Hi-Fi Rush update. The update introduced several new shirts for the main character, based on, among other things, the device we play on. Fans started digging into the files and found two additional designs hidden in them, the colors and texts of which suggest that they are intended for people playing on PlayStation 5 and Nintendo Switch.
  2. The red t-shirt (Switch color) was labeled with the slogan "Rock out! Anywhere," suggesting portable gaming. The blue one (PlayStation color) features the text "I'm here baby!", which is suitable for the game that will be released on PS5 following fan requests.
  3. Let's recall that according to recent rumors, the developers were supposed to convert Hi-Fi Rush to PlayStation 5 and Nintendo Switch, and then opt to abandon the first of these platforms. Therefore, the question arises whether the opinion was ultimately changed or if the discovered blue shirt in the files is simply a leftover from the deleted PS5 version. The Verge journalist Tom Warren, based on his own information, favors the first solution.
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Hi-Fi Rush was released in January 2023 on PC, as well as on the Xbox Series S, and Xbox Series X. Following its release, the game has also been available through the Game Pass subscription on all of these platforms.

It's worth noting that there's currently a promotion on Steam, where the price of Hi-Fi Rush has been discounted by 35% - the game can be bought for $19.49 until February 5th.

  1. Hi-Fi Rush on Steam

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Adrian Werner

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Hi-Fi Rush

Hi-Fi Rush

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