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News Files and Mods 29 April 2023, 10:57

author: Agnes Adamus

Beloved Game Gets Fan Dubbing; Impressive Project

Hollow Knight has received a major mod that adds dubbing to the game. In total, more than 100 people participated in the creation of the project.

Fans of Hollow Knight have accomplished something that is undeniably impressive in scale. They have created a mod called Hallownest Vocalized, which adds full English dubbing to the game. Anyone interested can download and install it for free.

For those who are awaiting the release of Hollow Knight: Silksong, the mod can be a great way to kill time.

What is Hollow Knight: Hallownest Vocalized?

With this modification, all NPCs, ghosts, bodies, monsters and bosses appearing in the game were given voices. However, this is not the end of the attractions - for the game has also received voice over for:

  1. 168 journal entries;
  2. 105 item descriptions.

One must admit that the scale of the project is very impressive. Work on the mod took at least since 2021, and more than 100 people took part in recording the lines.

If you want to see the result of their work, you can watch the video below. However, you must bear in mind that it contains minor plot spoilers.

Hallownest Vocalized - how to install?

If you are interested in the project, below you will find instructions on how to download and install it:

  1. download the Scarab Mod Launcher application from our FTP;
  2. launch it, and then search for the name Hallownest Vocalized;
  3. next to the mod click on the "install" option - and you're done.

For the modification to work, you must, of course, have an installed and legally purchased copy of the game.

  1. Hollow Knight - official website

Agnes Adamus

Agnes Adamus

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